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what  is child abuse? It simply is the misuse or perversion of children. It occurs when children are handed unjustly or corruptly by adults in society either verbally, physically or emotionally. Child abuse takes different forms, in different cultures under different situations due to a variety of beliefs and practices. Child abuse can happen  in homes, schools, playgrounds, working places and even in churches.

Child abuse in Home
The home  is the most common place of child abuse in most cases. Many parents have the attitude, "What does a child know? He or she I'd just a baby'.  In some homes, children are given the last consideration in almost everything. Adults often view children in an inferior way, thinking that with a small physical status they do not require the basic necessities of life. Often they are also considered economic liabilities.
Areas of child abuse in the home include the following:

1. Feeding: in some homes, children are hardly fed nourishing food. In some instances, it's the remains or crumbs that are pushed to the children to eat. Hardly would parents give the best piece of meat to their children. Some children are even left to search for food in order to feed themselves (e.g. Moslem children receiving training under a malam). Sometimes food that an adult wouldn't eat himself  is passed to children to consume because the adult does not like it or does not know what kind of food it is, thus turning children into a sort of an item for specimen.

2. Sleeping: in many homes, children rarely have separate rooms and beds. Sometimes this is due to poverty, but often it can be attributed to indifference on the part of the parents concerned.
Poor and inadequate bedding is common in many homes. To worsen the problem, children are often deprived their beds, if visitor comes to stay overnight.

3. Clothing: some children may go naked, even though their parents are well clothed. Again, such parents do not feel that their children need adequate clothing.

4. Extreme discipline. Children are cruelly treated as if they are not human beings. Parents, in some cases, deny their children food, clothing, and at times exile from their homes in the name of discipline.

5. Lack of discipline. Conversely, some parents leave their children completely undisciplined and thus lead them into a loose and immoral life. That is child abuse too.

Child Abuse  in Society
Society, as a whole, seems to view children as third class citizens and  not as human beings with equal rights with adult.

It is child abuse when parents pass on or abandon their responsibility to raise their own children, expecting caretakers to do so. If the mothers don't care enough to make sacrifices for their children, how can a complete stranger be counted to do so? The irresponsibility of  some families has led their children to the unhappiness and even untimely death.

Often, adults impose cultural standards on children unfairly and indiscriminately. Some teenagers are forced to marry prematurely which hinders their personal development. Some evil parents or wicked society people kidnap and sell children for ill- gotten wealth. That is very sad indeed!

Often, the society exposes the children to immoral and destructive influences on TV, radio and the like. Calling children with all kinds of nicknames brings low self-image, distress and unhappiness in the lives of children.

Sexual Abuse
Incest or rape is one of the worst forms of child abuse. Such a bitter experience in children has dreadful long-term effects. Hence, Church and state should enacts laws to protect children from sexual abuse.

Effects of child abuse
Child abuse can have a devastating effect on children. Children can become retarded socially, intellectually, emotionally, and even physically due to parental irresponsibility.

Lack of parental love can result in low self esteem and personality disorders. Children become passive and indifferent in life, filled with fear, hatred, insecurity, tension, guilt, depression, anxiety, an excessive need for love, powerful feeling of revenge, and so on.
Thus, such children grow up to become unwanted elements of society. The selfishness of parents can finally lead to death of many children. This can happen through abortion, physical torture and starvation.

Together we can say no to child abuse in our society, and give the children every right to live and enjoy life.

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Kehinde Pius O
Gospel minister, Life coach, blogger and anti suicidal advocate

Sunday, 1 October 2017



What is happening to me?
How am I feeling?
I don't even know what is wrong with me!
I am just angry at myself!
I feel like just being alone!
I feel like just ending it!

Have u ever felt this way or are u feeling this right now? It may be a sign of DEPRESSION!

Depression is a disorder that is evidenced by loss of interest in things of passion, low self esteem and excessive sadness.

As common as depression is, it occurs in different levels and categories. Life is full of different adverse events which may lead to depression, such occurrence could be disappointment, stress, loss, etc. The feeling of depression may persists for months and return at significant times when the occurrence comes to remembrance.


The following are the signs of knowing when one is depressed:

1. Loss of pleasure in things of passion: When things you love doing most suddenly becomes irritating and boring to you so much that you can't really fix it, it may be a symptom of depression.

2. RESTLESSNESS: This occur when you feel weak and cannot rest, when you feel exhausted and cannot sleep or waking up in-between sleep.

3. REDUNDANCY: When a lot of work is lying undone and you feel no enthusiasm to get them done, when you are slow in activities and you sit to watch time fly away without achieving something in particular.

4. EXTREME SADNESS: Though sadness is one of the common human natural emotional downness but when it becomes extreme, often and most time, feels difficult to explain, it may be a sign of suffering from depression.

5. LACK OF CONCENTRATION: This is when you get easily distracted and unconsciously remembering a past occurrence and recurring unpleasant thoughts, which often lead to improper thinking.


Depression are mostly caused by the following :
* Bereavement
* Financial difficulties
* Loneliness
* Hereditary
* Stress
* Conflicts
* Lack of success
* Disability, etc


1. Focus more on your success than your failures

2. When negative thinking start seeking a place to sit in your heart, reject it and invite positive thinking or involve yourself in what you love doing most.

3. Avoid being alone, sit  among families and loved ones who make you forget your pains.

4. See yourself as being worthy and hopeful, having a great future.

5. If a task seems too difficult, do not panic or put yourself under pressure. Break it down into simpler task and start again, more slowly.

6. Rather than dwelling on problems, seek solution, list some possible solutions to the problem and choose the solution that best solves the problem.

7. See every challenge as opportunities that will make you more stronger. You need to look critically into every challenge and see how you can turn it to opportunity.

8. Keep yourself busy doing what you love to do most and invite high self esteem. Idle hand they said is the devils workshop. So stay away from idleness.

9. Set goals for daily useful activities and ensure you stick to achieving them as much as possible. Your daily goals will keep you busy and save you of space for depression in your heart.

By Oladejo Rebecca

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Intimidation is a means to frighten, coerce, to terrify, to threaten, and to scare someone. Imagine the thinking and feeling of the Israelites soldiers before Goliaths, intimidation is a thing of the heart, thought, and imagination. It is fear and wrong thoughts expressed through feelings, emotions, attitude, etc.

The purpose of intimidation is to frighten you to surrender and submission, thereby forsaking your confidence and chicken out of the race of destiny. It is intended to rub you of your portion.

Intimidation is seeing yourself wrongly. Intimidation set in when you begin to have a wrong opinion about yourself and your ability.
Intimidation makes you think and feel small, worthless.

Sources of intimidation

1. Success. Your sophisticated, intellectual capabilities and intelligence can make some insecure people around you feel intimidated and uncomfortable.
Social status. Your neat and clean disposition, elegant and corporate taste can be interpret by some as pride.

2. Academic success. Your quest for academic excellence and exploration of potential deposited in you through education can be intimidating to the mediocre around you.

A proper thinking person must not be intimidated with academic success of others but rather be challenged and motivated.

3. Flaunted Integrity.  Integrity can be flaunted, whenever you begin to behave and talk with an holier than thou attitude, proving that you are the only person that has integrity, it never helps the weak, it only intimidate them.

4. Presumed superiority. Erroneous thinking or over evaluating others and their achievement. Such thought may influence you to feel inferior and humiliated.

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5. Refusal to Appreciate Yourself. If you fail to locate, develop and appreciate your talent, you may feel intimidated when in company of others maximizing theirs.

6. Ignorance of Your Worthiness. Ignorance is the mother of fear. Ignorance of your worthiness may be the source of your intimidation. Cultivate self confidence, belief your dream is obtainable.

Don't allow other peoples passion for their dream to intimidate you. Instead of being uncomfortable with their great dreams , appreciate them, so that you too can be blessed.

It is better to associate with dreamers than with the dreamless.
Failure to support other peoples dreams is a minus to the realization of your own dream.

7. Obsolete Self Concept. Some are still clinging to an out mode self perception. Negative comments about them from childhood is still in their mind when they are no longer what the speakers said they are.

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Effects of intimidation

Intimidation both have spiritual, physical and psychological effects. It's used in warfare to weaken the opponent. Never allow intimidation in any form.

1. Inferiority complex
2. Fear
3. Feeling inadequate.
4. Withdrawal and isolation.
5. Self doubt.
6. Confusion and nervousness.
7. Feeling insecurity.
8. Excessive humility.
9. Inhibition

How To Overcome Intimidation

1. Identity the Source. Knowing the source will help you assess and evaluate the intimidation. You can determine how it's affecting you, its influence on your emotion, your personality, fulfilment and joy.
Think over these questions:
a. Why are you intimidated?
b. What is intimidating you?
c. Who is intimidating you?
d. What can you do about it?
e. Why is he able to intimidate you?
How is he/she doing it?
Knowing what intimidate you and why, will help you overcome it.

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2. Improve Yourself. We all are hunters on earth. What we are hunting may differ , but certainly everyone is hunting for something.
For you to be marketable, you need to  work on yourself spiritually, educationally, physically, and socially.

Improve your manner, spoken language, dressing, related, and attitude. Become enthusiastic. Enhance your mental capability.

3. Work on Your Talent. One of the key secret of success is identification of your talent or spiritual gift. Whatever you will be in life will be through your talent. Discover your talent, work on it, sharpen it, cultivate and nurture it.

4. Develop Your Skills. Skill is define as the "ability to do something well, especially because you have learned and practice it"- Longman Dictionary.

Every training either formal or informal is necessary  for you to become self confident. When you have all the experience that is needed to do something well, courage will occupy your heart.

5. Think Positively. Avoid rivalry mentality. Shun bitter competition. Comparison is dangerous, and harmful.

Believe that you Are good. There is one area where you are also better than others.

6. Control Your Fear. Overcome jittery and nervousness. I have learnt that achievement build confidence. Fear is a state of mind. Fear is expectation of evil. Fear is expressed worry. Fear is opposite of faith.

Everyone is prone to fear, but the mature one control it  and act bold.

7. Act Bold. Don't over analyse what intimidates you. Your evaluation is meant to help you prepare for ways and manners of overcoming the problem.

Bold people only choose to act bold. They are also prone to fear, but they chose not to fear.

8. Be your Best Always. If you don't want to be intimidated, be your best always. Never engage in any action without proper preparation.

9. Seek for Counsel. Consult your mentor  for proper counsel .

10. Have Faith in God. The most surest way to break the yoke of intimidation is through Faith in God. Surrender yourself to God. Fill your heart with His word. Let Him be your only fear.

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Kehinde Pius O

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The root cause of frustration is lost of vision. When you loose your vision in life, the next thing knocking at your door frustration. And frustration at its prime stage could give birth to suicidal.




It has been established that one of the deepest craving of the human spirit is to attain a sense of significance and relevance. This search for relevance in life culminates into the ultimate pursuit of humanity. Conscious or unconscious, admitted or not, this internal passion is what motivates and drives every human being, either directly or indirectly. It directs decisions, controls behavior, and dictates responses to the environment (Dr Myles Munroe).

This need for substantive recognition is and will continue to be the main causal agent of great tragedies as magnified by the heightened increase in suicidal cases as well as attempted suicides which owe their manifestation to this compelling unrecognized and dissatisfied need. The confessions of serial killers linking their criminal antisocial behavior to their need to feel important as only served to confirm the truth contained above.

Unfortunately, many people in the course of searching for relevance misplace their God given persona with the approval and validation earned through living the dream of another. The sequential reaction of this is really not hard to figure out – frustration, disappointment, bitterness, self-depreciation, suicidal tendencies and depression.

I dare say that Identity crisis is one of the major world challenges today and equally one of the propelling factors of suicidal.

When you lose sight of who you are or who you are meant to be, it is only natural that you struggle without result. Why? Because you sow in a field that isn't yours. Peradventure you manage some form of success, dissatisfaction and doubt is sure to trudge your every step. Imagine a world where everyone decides to be loyal to their path and their journey, and watch how suicidal rates and maliciousness in our communities crash.


Discover yourself and respect that person you discover. We are all created as unique beings to reflect the diversity of our ingenious and unfathomable creator. If that be the case why should you, a supposedly unique creation of a glory so diverse harbor desires to be like another unique creation? It is impossible my friend. There is only one place for your kind of uniqueness and my own kind of uniqueness. Try as you may, you can never be like another person. God wants you to rejoice and glory in the uniqueness he has created you in. that is why it is important you discover that uniqueness so that you can appropriately appreciate yourself. The alternative to this is quite difficult, that is you constantly struggling to be someone you are not, living up to the expectations of someone you are not and probably will never be. Struggle and conflicts will usually be your companion if you go this route. God certainly doesn't want that kind of life for us.

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Know your worth. Often times we spend time making mountains of our weaknesses while ignoring our strengths. It is easy to judge your entire life worth on one moment of indiscretion. You are worth more than any negative accident that you have allowed to shape your life. One eye opening event that redefined the current heightened view of my worth was some years ago when I wrote a certain article and on completion, I read through, I despise and considered boring the article. Lacking the confidence to give it to anyone I dropped it off someplace. Sometimes later I was opportune to go through the note of a respected friend and found my despised articled copied word for word and effectively translated into a great message. To be sure, I went to where I had previously dropped my 'despised' article and sure enough it was my article this person had found and used.  That which I despised was what someone else was using to bless the lives of people. Someone saw my writing for what it really worth and put it to good use. Know your worth, and you will always be happy being yourself.

Self-development. Every person on earth can be likened to unrefined gold. But as long as it remains in its unrefined form it can't be called gold, rather a natural resource. Though it possesses the potential of gold, it can't be valued nor priced as gold. The person you are admiring now, has developed their self to be that person you now admire.

Self-development is not automatic. It requires a whole lot of sacrifice and commitment. It doesn't answer to prayers; therefore it cannot be spiritually passed. Strive to develop yourself with a definite focus on becoming the best of yourself, not another person's.

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Place a high Value on yourself. The worth you place on yourself often time determines how see yourself and how others will inadvertently see you. Identity crisis bows to an improved self-esteem every time. Never compare yourself to anyone. Never inconvenience yourself to impress others. If people must be impressed by you let it be from you being effortlessly yourself.
In this world fraught with suffering and depression, we need to be challenged to see the originality in ourselves and when that is achieved; our communities will be more productive physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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I got this on my email sometimes last month from one of my blog readers, and I decided to publish it to teach others most especially parents who  in any  way abuse or maltreat their children lessons on how long their bad treatments of this little ones can damage their lives.
Children are God's heritage that deserve taking proper care of less they slip out of your hand into suicidal, arm robbery, cultism, and so on.
Every child have a right to be listened to, appreciated, and encouraged. When they don't have these, we injure their emotions, and help scattered their lives.
How will a mother threat his own child this way. I think government at every level needs to place more emphasis on child abuse if we are going to have healthy leaders to lead the next generation.
Hear his ordeal:
I don't even know what to say. Please help.
I'm a 17 year old living in Fiji. I'm in Year 13 due to skipping a year. My biological brother is 20, he lives with me along with my biological parents.
My family always had problems. My biological mother seems mentally ill and incredibly sadistic. She used to do weird stuff to me like make me eat a lot of chillies, lock me out of the house after drenching me in water so that I shiver for the whole night in the cold and sometimes strip me naked and lock me out of the house for petty things like waking up late, for not doing the dishes spotlessly, for laughing/playing too loudly or for just staying silent for long periods of time (which I often did). This was a decade ago. At one point in  my seventh year,  she stole a lot of money from my dad and pinned the blame on me, until dad decided to cast me to the streets. Days later,  I don't know how but I guess conscience hit her and she confessed the truth to dad. However, a massive trust rift got created.
Fast forwarding to 2017, family problems have stayed for around 9 years now and divorce is certain. I tell my dad that I don't want a share of his inheritance and I want him to go overseas where his girlfriend is, so that they could work out and live happily. He leaves im March leaving me and my brother in control of the house. The mother also lives in the same house but cooks for herself only etc. So basically we had to shop for our own food, cook, wash, etc separately.
A month after dad's departure, my brother betrays dad and tells his secrets to my biological mother. They somehow become one team and eat amongst themselves, leaving me to come home one day all isolated and ridiculed for being a loner. I ignore them without fighting and without a word. I kind of struggle to make ends meet on food supplies, education and mental health. I'm generally considered "a straight A student" but as my mental health deteriorated, so did my grades.
One day my mother stole my dad's car keys silently and they pinned the blame on me for being irresponsible. I know they stole it because I had gone for only a minute and the keys went missing. Now I had a bad reputation with dad, who was overseas.
Their menacing laughter and constant verbal abuse without reason slowly drove me into someone who went to school like a robot and came back, never talking to anyone and secluded from everyone. I have something called social chameleon status meaning I turn into different personalities to interact with different people, thus I had a hard time "finding myself" and introducing myself to people as.. me without the mask of different amiable personalities.
My brother and mother often fought amongst themselves too. My mother is not very literate, she is a bigot and is easily offended. My brother possibly has bipolar disorder. He acts too happy at times and when he gets angry, he takes an iron rod and starts smashing everything around the house, some shards of the collateral damages even hit me but I didn't react.
My projects for Year 13 were due and my mother ruined my laptop to deter me. I borrowed a friend's laptop to do my work and she almost smashed it, had I not caught it in time, that would have been damaged too. Then she proceeded to physically assault me. I walked out and went to the police.
The police told me that I should stay with the mother and if I have a problem then I should move out AS A 17 YEAR OLD. I accepted to move out and wandered about until a woman from a local church allowed me to live with her and her two sons of my age. I had fun at their house while I lived there,  until August 3. My dad arrived and I told him I wanted to go back to my own house but I don't want those two there as they fight and damage property.
He tells me to return. I do so only to find out that he's been brainwashed and these three have become a SEEMINGLY happy family. Dad wants me to "fit in" and be "part of the family" while being fully aware that these people almost killed me on multiple occasions and caused me to go through so many mental traumas. He also doesn't know that the brother and mother are are nice to dad only because of the property sharing.
So basically now I'm living with betrayers. Everyone here rebukes me for weird reasons. I keep getting flashes of how she used to ill treat me and the image of her sadistic, sinister smile never fades from my mind.
Day by day I wish I could cry my heart out, but "crying is only for girls". I wish I had someone to tell my problems to, but I have nobody. Nowadays, I carry a melancholic air around me wherever I go. My ability to even talk with people is fleeting and words just don't come out. I just stare at people, with almost teary eyes hoping someone would just give me a painless death. I'm sick of being alone amd ridiculed for doing the right thing and defending my own father's honor. Yet he also left my side and joined the crowd that always mocks me. I'm never enough, and the angry brother is always perfect, even when he physically assaults my mother... he is perfect, and I, the one who never even screams am nothing.. this is always the case.  Even before emailing to you I was looking for ways to kill myself. I feel guilty involving you because if I do actually man up and rid myself of this misery, you'd probably feel guilty that you couldn't save me. I have sleepless nights and all I can think of is suicide to end this misery. If only.. someone could end me, I would be forever grateful.
P.S If I ever don't reply for 10 days straight, please know that I'm sorry for wasting your time, that I love you whoever you may be and that I've finally freed myself of this eternal misery and am in eternal slumber.
After getting this email, I immediately connect with him to help him see reasons to forgive his family and chose to live. And for now, he had stopped replying my emails, but I'm praying for him for a change of mind and encounter with Jesus who's the only true comforter.
I'll not be a judge of anyone, but I think the young boy was not fairly treated. And it's the role of the global communities to say no to such. Do not hesitate to report any abuse around you to the human right organization to help the person involved.
Are you also passing through any tough time? Are you been ill-treated? Please don't kill yourself. Share the burden with us, we want to be a burden sharer with you. We want to pray for you and encourage you.
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We love you!

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Have you ever imagined what a world without you would look like?  Do you view yourself as a worthless and useless garbage? Oh no! The world without you would mean void, bored and undesirable place to live in. Why? Because your presence is adding spices to your world and the people around you some way, somehow.

I started a campus ministry among the students when I was still in year one. And all along, it seems nothing was happening. It seems the efforts is futile and not been appreciated. At a point, disappointment and discouragement set in. I became frustrated and wanted to quit- of course not quit living as many do in the  face of discouragement, but to quit the assignment. Until one day God's spirit ministered to me that if I stop doing what I'm doing today, tomorrow, I'll see someone else doing the same thing (divine replacement). And I said God forbid.

With that encouragement, I decided not to quit. I put my best into the assignment until I graduated and new sets of leadership was inaugurated. And I continue providing leadership, mentoring and supports for the ministry from year to year.

But something that struck my heart happened last year when my friend from Cameroon and I went for a two week mission work on that campus. It happened that as I was counseling a lady, a brother passing by stopped to greet me. I couldn't recognize him again,  so I pleaded with him to introduce himself. And with joy from a transformed heart he said, I'm one of the guys you always preach to and counsel those days. He further went on to say, thank God for your life and the investment of those years.

When I heard this, I became humble, and then I could now understand why the Holy Spirit told me that if I stop doing what I'm doing today, He'll raise someone to fill the vacuum.

Imagine what could have become of that young guy if he had not met me? Maybe a hooligan, cultist, or somehow a nuisance to the community

This is a generation whereby nothing is useless. Even the world assumed useless in those days are no longer useless, how much more a loaded being like you.

Do you know even the feces of animals that was then considered a waste material is now a most desirable organic fertilizer and without them, organic farmers might probably not get  the best result they are now getting.

It's you that doesn't know how much you worth. Your smile at someone in agony alone might change the whole things for that person. And now imagine if you weren't there to give such a smile at such a demanding time. It would mean someone living  in bitterness and pain because of your absence.

I will never forget a letter I received from one of my Senior brothers when I was in secondary school encouraging me to put the best into my education. Sincerely yours, that letter elated the passion for excellence in me, and it makes me look important. But what if my brother wasn't there to encourage me through his letter? What could have become of my education then and thereafter?

We live in an inter -related world where someone's happiness is either directly or indirectly connected to yours. And your absence  at times may mean so much to them.

What do you think would have become of David and his men in their recovery mission against the Amalekites that invaded Ziklag and captured the women and children without that abandoned young man considered useless  by his master because he was sick? Though he was abandoned by his master because of his sickness, yet he became instrumental to David and his men in locating their enemies.(1 Samuel 30;10-20)

A world without you to some people would mean never to fulfill their dreams. To someone else, it could mean never getting out of the wilderness of decision. While to another person, it could mean committing suicide.

That shows how unique and important you're to your world.

A world without you, an incomplete world. While a world with you makes a better place to live in.

I hope this article has helped you see how special and important you're to your world.

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5 Reasons Not to Commit Suicide

5 Reasons Not to Commit Suicide

Kehinde Pius O
Missionary, life coach and anti suicidal advocate

At times, we learn from our mistakes. It makes you to become bigger and with more creativity than before. But there are also some mistakes one should not dare to make, simply because they can be avoided. And such a mistake is to sell oneself out to suicidal. 

Hear this testimony of a suicide survival "It was so that several months ago I stopped connecting to social networks and watched with longing as the train approached each afternoon, seriously contemplating suicide. But it was painful to get stuck on a train from Anna Karenina (whom I detest). The only thing that could repeat me as a mantra was: "Do not get depressed, think you do not have the money to pay a psychiatrist . "
I had to recover my desire to live, to motivate myself, to recover the course of my life, to make myself feel special ... or to contemplate in a realistic way the consequences of suicide".

Are you really thinking about taking your life, consider the following:

5 Reasons Not to Suicide

1. The funeral homes will finish draining your family and will have a grudge after death.

Dying is expensive. Depending on the urgency, family religious beliefs, and the funeral agency's connoisseur's skill, the cost of dying includes: Delight, funeral, funeral transport (at funeral and cemetery), disposition of the corpse (burial or cremation (Grave ), gravestones, lot in the cemetery, flower arrangements, food and drink. This without counting the travel costs of the mourners. You will leave more than one in your close family without vacations, car, home or education. You will be considered more despicable and selfish than you think you have been in life.

2. You can fail.

Remember that you are so clumsy that you can fail in your suicide attempt. If you commit suicide without full medical coverage, you run the risk of spending the rest of your life with the scars of a failed vein cut, a concussion and brain damage for throwing you from a non-lethal height, a hollow aesthetic for shooting you an inch Beyond the temple, two meters less of intestines for the poison that did not kill you and a fixation for erotic asphyxia.

3. Everyone will say that they already expected it.

Do not feel bad, your suffering, your depression, your bad luck are a source of artistic inspiration for others. It is very likely that your continued complaints have already prepared your friends and acquaintances for your death. Some will wonder if it would have been better to pay some attention to you or pretend to interest you in your life, but deep down they will feel better because they no longer have to deal with your depressions and your stories or your "bad vibe". Some will think that their lives are not as bad as yours and will endure their existence for a few more years until they are killed by heart attacks or cancer. Your departure will inspire them to continue to be better people than you.

4. They will forget everything as soon as the next pregnancy passes through your social circle.

Let's say, just by considering all the possibilities, that you have affection. That they all feel bad about your departure, that they feel a terrible void in their lives when you die and must do something to fill it. Maybe your memory serves to unite your friends with some of your friends in a sweet orgy of post-funeral reunions (especially people you would have wanted to go to the altar with suppose you are still single, but you left your other friends on a silver platter). All of them cry for a couple of months until marriages and pregnancies begin. Congratulations.

5. Perhaps you are so poor that it does not reach you even for a good suicide.

Think that if you do not have a tub you cannot cut your veins, without a car there is no monoxide, no good public transport there are no train tracks (throwing a car on an avenue is ineffective), without an apartment you cannot throw , No pool you cannot drown and getting a revolver is not always so easy. Maybe it's your turn to live just to earn the money you need to die.

I'm sorry; I did not mean to make you feel bad.  But I think it will be too good you reconsider your planned action against your life

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Nothing endangered life and predispose to suicidal intents greater than to live in an isolated world void of love and affection. It even become worse when your very own family could not see anything good in you.

Now I could see the very reason behind your suicidal intents. Yes, naturally, you wouldn't have thought of committing suicide. Your life has been a bunch of frustration and loneliness, several abusive words has been hurled out on you that you can't even remember how many names are attached to only you.

The conditions you found yourself in has demoralized you, and all you could think of yourself is an accidental, good for nothing and most unfortunate being.

But can you do me a favor? Decide to prove people wrong about their assessments about you. Decide you will live and not kill yourself.

Do you know the reason why? Someone still loves you. Someone still appreciate you for whom you are. Someone still believes in the golden treasure buried inside you. Someone is still looking out there for you. Someone want to share your feelings and carry your burden. You're never alone in this journey of your life. Someone still admires you.

A young girl committed suicide and in her suicidal note, she bemoans her mum not wanting to listen to her, not cherishing her the same way she does to her junior ones, and so, she killed herself to free herself from the agony of not being loved.

Her judgment about life and people caused her her dare life. She could have assumed once she couldn't get love from her parents, she can't get it anywhere else. In her well penned suicidal note, you could clearly see that this 11years old girl never loved what she did. But what a different will it have made in her life to know that someone still loves her even with her bruise and scars?

What about those friends who can't just stop love being around you? What about that teacher that believes there is something in you that your world needs to gain from? What about that neighbour that couldn't just stop praying to have had you as a child?

You are thinking of killing yourself just because you neither know how much you carry nor how many fans you have all out there waiting to applause you at your arrival at the place of destiny. Someone still loves you.

And until you come to a point of mind re- engineering where you stop seeing yourself as a victim, unwanted and defeated personality, you may find it difficult to accept this truth that someone still loves you.

Maybe you're wondering how true this could  be. All you just need to do is to carefully and patiently look around you, and you will be amazed at how much you're loved.

I'm not trying to flatter you, but I'm simply here to open your eyes to reality. Your suicidal will sincerely disorganize and break so many people's heart so  much that they will begin to ask, why should it have been you?

Imagine what joy will fill your heart when those who couldn't love nor see anything good in you now begin to see you living happy without them?

Many were told yesterday by their parents that they are good for nothing, and that in fact, their death would  much more be better than their existence. But they choose not to listen, and eventually they succeeded proving people's judgements about them wrong and  thus became the choice of children not only to those families that once ridiculed them but to the world at large.

Don't give up my dear reader. Don't lose your anchor yet, someone still loves you.

And even at the point where no one seems to be showing you true love, never forget their is a man who cannot just stop loving and caring about you. His name is Jesus. You have not really known and can never know what true love is all about until you embrace His love for your life. He loves you beyond you can ever imagine.

Can you just surrender your life to Him today and come under His unfading and eternal love? All you just need to do is to confess your sins to Him and invite Him into your life.

Be free to connect with us on notosuicidalthoughts@gmail.com and we'll be glad to answer any questions from you and to share in your burden and pains.

Thanks and God bless.
I love you

Friday, 18 August 2017



Kehinde Pius O
Missionary, blogger, life coach and anti- suicidal advocate

Deriving pleasure in one's life is the greatest secret to an enjoyable living. But the moment your life becomes a burden to you  on a continuous basis, you are already exposing its thought to negativity, which could eventually poison the entire life and become instrumental to suicidal intents, low self esteem, etc, and if not taken care of, graduates into suicidal.

I have carefully listened to many people says to me they are tired about this life, and nothing again seems to interest them. If you are also in that same shoe, I believe this article will be of great relief to you and will help you to begin to see yourself in a very different view.

I will be opening your understanding to some key understanding that will help you to appreciate and enjoy your life to the maximum.

Read my previous article on "Discovering the meaning of life"

How To Enjoy The Best Out Of Life

There are many things that if carefully and diligently followed will enhance one's quality of life. But this article will only address just few of them.

1. You have to understand yourself as well as you possibly can and know who you are. 

No two people are ever created the same way. And this implies that what bring satisfaction to brother A might not be the same with brother B. 

Self discovery leads to self understanding. And self understanding brings about self appreciation.

If you don't know who you really are, there is no way you can place a high value on your life. And a life you don't value, you can never enjoy.

A young lady once contacted me through my online mentoring platform, and she was seeking for means to harm herself. And when I enquired into her situation, it became known that she wanted to harm herself because a guy she loves dumped her and she concluded she can't see another person she can love like him. So she concluded, it's either I help her pray the guy back into her life or she commit suicide.

Many people have committed suicide because they were unable to understand who they really are. And due to that, they placed their satisfactions and happiness on others and when those ones fail them, everything about them turn upside down.

Everyone in life has one challenge or the other we all are passing through, but the reason why many are still able to enjoy the best of themselves, not minding the circumstances surrounding them is because they have come to derive pleasure being whom they are.

2. Face your fear

What will you do differently supposing you know that at the end of every tunnel there is light? You have to face your fear once and for all. Fear is one of the greatest enemies of enjoying the fullness of one's life. From my little research on suicidal, I can conclude that the reason why most people commit suicide is because of the fear of the unknown.

Something will always whisper to you that you will fail, or perhaps you have tried something and failed, something will always want you to consider yourself a failure, whose life can never amount to anything again. And the moment you give in to those fears, you are already defeated.

Someone said and I quote "I used to have a lot of fear until I learned what fear really is – False Evidence Appearing Real". And that is the reality about fear. What if after given in to it, or perhaps it has landed you into self harm, and you eventually discovered it was not real?

I'd say the most important thing I ever did was to decide not to be a victim. I participate in my own life, and I understand that only me can dictate what happens. I will constantly find my part in an equation. What is my role in this relationship? I always have a part in my relationships, whether it's a business relationship, a love relationship or whatever it is. If I can define my part in the relationship, then it makes the fear go away.  Now I'll find evidence that I've gathered that keeps me from going any further, because that's what fear does, and then I'll wipe that fear away and move forward.

3. Start going toward what you love to do, even if you feel like for some reason you're not able to do that right now."

If you don't know what you want to do or what the path is for you, do something. Do what's calling you now, because what's calling you now will lead you down the path to what the call is for you later.

When you do what you love, and love what you do, you'll have success, throughout your whole life. Idleness is the brooding room for suicidal or any other evil thoughts, and the most effective remedy to it is to give yourself to something you love doing.

Read my previous article on "Negative Thoughts; Its effects and how to overcome them"

4. Keep your thoughts clean

This universe will shape itself around your thoughts; that's the truth. Keep your thoughts clean; keep the weeds out of your garden. Once your thought patterns become polluted, such life is in a total shamble. Because no positive result can ever proceed out of a polluted thought.

5. Network with others.

We grow as people through our relationships with others. Your happiness at times lies in you knowing that some people are also passing through similar or even greater challenges than yours and yet, they don't give up about life.

You're not in this alone. We're all connected

Be free to connect with us for counselling on general life issue, and our support team will get back to you within 24hours.

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Discovering the Meaning of Your Life


Discovering the Meaning of Your Life


 Kehinde Pius O

Missionary, blogger, life coach and anti-suicidal advocate

One of the great questions that humanity always poses is what the meaning of life is. Inability to find answer to this question is one of the major causes of suicidal globally.

I recently visited a website on how to commit suicide, and  I was shocked with the number comments of people seeking for the best way to commit suicide.  For the purpose of my advocacy work against suicide, I took time to read through most of those comments, and I discovered majority of these people seeking for ways to commit suicide is as a result of inability to find meaning to life.  There are also more skeptics who simply say that there is no meaning to life and that suicidal is better- all of these lies on failure to find meaning to life.

You may think that it is not necessary to know that sense of life that being happy or being good is enough. And it may be true. But an

What is the cause of most of our illnesses? What is the most common cause of stress in our life? What about heart attacks? What about many of our diseases? What about the cause of our suicidal intents/thoughts? Although we may be surprised at first instance, the most common cause of many of our diseases is the lack of finding meaning in our lives. In the new millennium many people are worried about the world and our place in it. We ask ourselves many questions about how to achieve happiness. So often in our day we have all kinds of things that are supposed to make us happier: Titles, good work, home, family ... but inside us there is a muted voice that continues to ask us: Is that all? That's all there is? …Cannot be! There must be something else! Something is missing ... but what is it? Clarity of Purpose The answer to what we lack is 'clarity of purpose'. Being able to answer the following questions: Does life make sense? Who am I? , What do I want ?, what ?, how I feel I meet ?, what did I come here ?, What happens after death? ... For most of us, what society has taught us to being able to answer these questions leads us to dead ends. He leaves all those questions unanswered. We can know how to find meaning in our short-term life with goals and achievements, but in the long run we continue to struggle with the same profound question: What is the meaning of my life? Isn't death better? The answer to these question is one of the most important in our life. Knowing the answer gives us the foundation for real and full satisfaction. It could be that you were one of those people who could easily fill a page talking about what makes sense to you in life. But if you compare it to the life you are really living, you see that there is more to it than a small difference. For although people can come to define what a meaningful life is, the life they lives has nothing to do with its ideal. This lack of purpose is manifested in us as a perpetual anguish. For even if we have a life with comforts, we can detect an inner sadness that has been there for some time, a pain that is not easy to identify, a vacuum deep in our being ... We continually think that if I only had something more, then yes I would be happy. We usually say when I finish my studies ... when I find a job ... when I have a higher salary ... when I have a partner ... when I have children ... when my children are older ... when I have a bigger house ... when I have one particular car ... when I have a better car ... when I have a better partner ... when I retire ... And without noticing we have escaped life. Although we are getting each of these things continues to persist the feeling that something we Lack, that we do not know exactly what it is that we want to do with our lives. We can wait patiently until we retire ... or until our death comes, if we have already settled for 'what we have to live.' But we can also choose to find the meaning of our life now, at this time in our lives. We can choose to leave behind our illnesses, challenges and limiting feelings and begin to enjoy life at its best. For this, we must leave behind years of conditioning, decades of falsehood, and face the truth. The truth that will allow us to live in complete freedom. The truth that will allow us to ' see life as it is' and not ' as we see it', the truth that will allow us to create a great difference in our lives and in the lives of others. 

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Kehinde Pius O
Missionary, life coach and blogger.

We all know that our thoughts shape our mood. Thinking negatively, can lead to negative thoughts, will influence your mood and low energy. Your thoughts and beliefs have an impact on your physical and mental health. Negative thoughts cause negative emotions and feelings, such as depression and anxiety.

Many people do not understand, or do not want to accept that negative thinking has a direct impact on how one feels and therefore on how one behaves, the attitudes and experiences that one experiences. Those who are in denial about the power of negative or positive thoughts will say things to themselves like, "Well, just because I sometimes had doubts about my ability or preparation, I have not failed in my career, So much success. "

We are not talking about having doubts, fears, or strong self-criticism from time to time. Being critical of oneself keeps one aware of a realistic perspective of things. And there are times when it is right to feel pain and sadness. We are talking about the habit of thinking negatively - of seeing things always getting worse if they are going to change; Always feeling the worst of yourself. Having negative thoughts consistently only produces negative results.

Constantly complain. Nothing is ever satisfying or good enough. Complaining all the time leaves you unsatisfied and irritable. It also leaves you alone, nobody wants to be around people who always complain.

A self-destructive attitude If you have a self-destructive attitude you lose the opportunity to take the actions that would lead you to succeed and joy. Thoughts like "I'm not attractive" leads to being introverted and reserved, which is not the way to get a place or even go dancing.

Negative internal dialogue. If you tell yourself that you are going to fail, no matter how talented you are at something, you will sabotage and fail. You will feel very bad about yourself.

The mentality of victim .. With this mentality there is nothing you can do to improve your situation, because for all its ills you can blame other people - who, for mysterious reasons, wish you evil.
Stress. Too much stress has all sorts of negative effects on physical as well as psychological health.

Each time you see yourself thinking a negative thought, say "thank you for sharing" and think something positive.

Be aware that you hurt yourself with negative thoughts.
Read positive phrases
If you think negatively about someone, try to look for positive things about the person. Just make a list of the good qualities of that person
Walk in nature. Breathe fresh air into your lungs. Look around you and feel all the scents and natural beauty of the world. Feel your muscles working.
Accept yourself as you are. Change things that you can change and always strive for self improvement, but do not believe that you need to be someone you are not.
Read Books to eliminate negative thoughts .

Remember, if you find yourself trapped in negative thoughts, you have to re-program your mind to have a positive flow of consciousness. You must be patient and give yourself time. Think positively about how to learn to think positively.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

How to recover the hope?

How to recover the hope?

Missionary, writer, life coach, motivational speaker and anti suicidal advocate

Who has not felt that hopes have vanished?

When our goals are not fulfilled, when we feel that we are not in the place we want to be, that the path we want is far away, we ask ourselves: How to recover hope?

At times, it seems that this one has left to not return and has been left to us. So what can we do to get what we want?

Recovering hope is not easy, so many people fall more and more into depressive states or continuous discouragement or even suicide.

"As long as the storm is, the sun always shines again in the clouds"
-Khalil Gibran-

You have two options before the despair
Faced with this situation of despair , you have two paths:

1- Sink , think negative, crush and think that you will never get what you want.

What will you get with this? Discouragement, self-destruction, stagnation and if the mind is not right, your body will not be well either. In addition, in a state of continuous discouragement we can become ill or commit suicide.

2- Accept the situation.  Instead of sinking with negative thoughts, you can  put all the focus on the solutions and steps you have to take to go deeper into the path you want. Reflect on whether what you are doing is enough or you have to change strategy.

What will you get with this? Hope, because hope only appears when we think we can get what we want, so if you are focused on finding solutions and getting started with new actions, you will be going in the direction that leads you to your goal.

Remember that when there is some frustration or problem, we tend to see things three times more negative than they are.

It is automatic, you will feel your situation from a less realistic view than if you were in a good emotional state, if you are aware of this you can stop it.

If your mood is not right, you are not in a good position to think in a realistic and efficient way.

But how can we regain hope ? Here are some points to think about:

Make sure you do not focus all your happiness on one side
Normally those who believe that their life is only worthwhile if they get something in particular, are the ones who risk the most to fall into discouragement.

In life there are many good things, the more open doors you have, the easier it will be for you to be motivated.

Imagine the difference between a person who has only one door open and another who has 20 open. The one that has only one, if one day closes will be left with nothing. However the one that has 20, although it is closed 4 or 5, has many more. The doors can be people, activities, hobbies, friendships, values, etc ...

To hold on to one thing is dangerous, because without it we feel unhappy. There are too many choices in life to cling to just one, open your mind and expand.

Make a list of the things you enjoy in your life and if they are scarce, increase your activities and discover new hobbies.

If you have few friends or are not satisfied with the ones you have, meet new people. Not even people are irreplaceable, there are always plenty of options and people of all kinds.

The typical thought of "I will never meet someone like that" is totally wrong, there are and there will be people who fit into your life.

When you've lost someone you've grown fond of, it's only natural that you'll never know someone else, but if you get started in an efficient way, you can discover people in the profile you like, even Better than you had known in the past .

The possibilities are endless, but always from the action, things rarely come alone.
The solution may be very close, inside you
How to recover the hope? With high doses of positivity. This would be the key point, I know it sounds cliché, but there is no other miracle remedy that can get it.

If your emotions are good you can be hopeful, the emotions are based on your thoughts, so the only way to improve your mood is through good thoughts.

You ask yourself: How can I stay positive if things go wrong and I'm far from what I want in my life?

Learn from what does not work, and instead of using thoughts like "I am a disaster", "has no solution", "I will never get anything", etc ... Use the mind to boost you instead of to sink you.

A good way would be to use our capabilities to find new ways and solutions, it is necessary not to sit still.

The difference between people who sink to the problems and those who take more strength to move on, is clearly in the way of thinking, in the center of their thoughts.

While there are lamentations, negativities and self-destruction, there is no place to go forward; instead, when the mind is busy searching for solutions to analyze what does not work and implement new strategies, you will take the path that will solve your problems.

Do not let anything stop you, remember that even the water that seems weak, drop by drop, ends up eroding a stone

Remain blessed!
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Saturday, 22 July 2017

How to Forget a Love..... Before committing suicide for love

How to Forget a Love..... Before committing suicide for love.

Missionary, writer, motivational speaker, life coach and anti- suicidal advocate

I do not know if this article can save lives, if it can be very controversial or if you simply ignore those people who have already decided to end their life.

In any case, I want to give my bit to those people who do not see the exit in any way.

Whether you have arrived at this article because you wanted to have more information about how to commit suicide for love or  you have been following my articles for a long time, I want you to keep in mind that whatever your decision, no one will judge you. You decide what to do with your life.

But before we reflect seriously on your case because that is mainly addressed in this article, let's reflect on the point where your perspective can come to reason, so you can think more clearly.

1- "Commit Suicide to show how much you loved him"

There is nothing more stupid than to think that. Love is not only that noble and beautiful feeling that you project towards other person (s), it is also what you project towards yourself.

Committing suicide in no way will be out of love. Since if you do not love yourself, you are not really loving anyone else. You are only feeling a sickly obsession or an uncontrollable attachment.

Awake! Do you want to leave this life without having known love, without having experienced how beautiful it is to be in love in an healthy way?

You say that love is rubbish and that life is not worth it, however you have not even lived the love nor have you enjoyed life to the full.

How can you judge something that you have never felt in your own flesh?

2- "He or she will realize how much he loved me"

He/she may at first feel a little guilty. He/she may cry at your funeral but after a couple of years, you will think you have made a very stupid decision.

To top it all, you commit suicide because of someone who will not cry enough. That person will then continue with his life, continue to have fun, continue to meet new people who are likely to be his new partner and will have many opportunities to move forward.

You will have disappeared from the face of the Earth and you will not be in anyone's mind after 10 years ... Unless you really left a mark ...

If so, then ... Why don't you give yourself a second GREAT OPPORTUNITY? Why don't you forget that person and start to leave a mark on this world? Why don't you propose to be an example of life here in a few years to inspire people who are in the same situation as you and decide to move on despite the problems of life?

3- "Commit Suicide to end all these pain"

There is one thing you must be clear about, my dear reader. Everyone has ever felt the pain of losing someone or something they loved. EVERYBODY!

The problem is when we expand the pain in a masochistic way.

Another thing that intensifies this problem is not having prepared psychologically for a lack of love or a love break. In that case, you already know what to do: Learn from your mistakes, decide to fight for life and to follow your path.

Believe me that millions of people have felt the same pain as you but have not committed suicide.

Moreover, despite the fact that the world seems to be unfair to them - some  lost their job, their wives, their houses where they lived, continue giving hard to move ahead.

4- "Without him or her I can not live"

Have you seriously considered where this phrase comes from? Does it really come from you or someone else has introduced it into your unconscious?

As far as I know, it's the love songs, the novels and many more things about popular culture that have made us believe that "we can not live without the person we love."

There is nothing more false than this phrase. You are taking as a truth a phrase that does not come from you. You are canceling your own criteria.

It is for this reason that I decided to write this reflective article for you to realize many things.

That pain you are feeling is normal but now you are intensifying it with phrases like "You are the oxygen I need to live", "Everything with you, nothing without you", "Without your love I will not be able to live".

You will discover all these phrases are borrowed. They are not yours. Inside you there is a BEING that wants to live to the fullest but there is something or someone that stops you: Your intoxicated mind.

And what is she intoxicated with? From phrases that are not genuinely yours, intoxicated from society, from songs, from novels, from everything ... It is time for you to think on your own and decide the best way for yourself really to come to life.

REMEMBER: This is all about DECISION.

I hope you can reflect a lot on what you are about to do. 

Until next time!

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Missionary, writer, motivational speaker, life coach and anti suicidal advocate.


Suicide  solves nothing

Are you distressed?
Do you feel defeated?
Have your friends abandoned you?
Do you feel alone in this cold and hostile world?
Do not you think it's worth living?
Do you feel that there is no longer satisfaction, hope or purpose in life?

Can you only think of suicide to "solve" your problems?
Jesus cares for you in a very special way. He is the Son of Man, the Savior of the world. He says, "The Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:10). He also wants us to cast "all [our] anxiety upon him, because he cares for [us]" (1 Peter 5: 5).
The devil tells you lies to make you believe there is no solution to the problems of this life. The damned awaits the condemnation of eternal death, and he wants you to suffer the same consequences. That is why he tempts you to doubt the just and merciful God who loves you and cares for you. The devil wants to make you believe that taking your life is to end your problems. Surely you have failed, and you may even be a complete failure. Maybe your supposed friends have abandoned you. Maybe addiction to drugs, alcohol and tobacco has taken over you. Surely it seems to you that there is no hope or solution other than suicide.

Why do people take their own lives? The notes that some suicides have left tell us the story. In them we see frustration, anguish, loneliness and pain. The ravages caused by divorce, drug abuse, and alcohol addiction are leading many to despair. In short, the suicide has come to be convinced that death is the only way out of their problems. However, suicide is only the entrance to major problems.

He who commits suicide awaits torments and anguish much worse than those of this earth. The person who decides to take his life ends forever with all possibility of finding joy, peace and happiness. Go figure! He will never feel joy again! Suicide is no solution! Jesus says, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11.28). God knew that human life can become bitter, empty and empty. He also knew that sin would entangle us with its tentacles, binding us with more and more force. That is why he sent Jesus Christ to rescue us from sin.

Jesus Christ came to rescue you from sin! He said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10.10). Jesus has the power to grant you life, peace, happiness and liberation. Once released, you will see how much life is worth living. You will experience the joy of knowing that your sins do not condemn you. At the same time, you will have a purpose in life, to bring glory, praise and honor to the one who rescued you from the clutches of sin. Do you want to find freedom? Are you sick of your sins? Are you willing to live a new life? Then cry out to the heavenly Deliverer to have mercy on you. Confess to him that you are a sinner, and ask him to cleanse you with his blood. He gave His life on the cross to save you from sin. God accepts the blood of Jesus Christ, His perfect and innocent Son, As the ransom that sets the souls of men free. Approach Jesus with faith and ask for the forgiveness of your sins through mercy. And then you can live!

You will stop serving your selfish desires and you will find peace and joy under the guidance of God. And if the anguish threatens you at any time, your brothers in the faith will always be willing to help you because they care about your good. And the best thing is that your Liberator will become your best friend, and always be ready to listen to your struggles and offer your help and encouragement. He promises to be available every time you call him.

Suicide is not the solution to life's problems. On the contrary, it is the beginning of an eternity of pain and suffering. Is the matter really serious? First John 3:15 warns us: "You know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him." Suicide is a murder as real as a homicide.

The worst thing is that the suicide can never obtain pardon for his act of murder. In Hebrews 9:27 we read: "It is established for men that they die once, and after this the judgment." When a person dies, he can no longer change his condition before God. As he dies, he will be judged before God. If he dies taking his own life, he dies as a murderer. The most tragic thing is that suicide is so unnecessary. Certainly there is a solution to the problems of life. And that solution is attainable right now, in this life. Christ Jesus is the solution: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life; And shall not come to condemnation, but is gone from death unto life "(John 5:24). Dear reader, if you have lost all hope and you are tired of life, come to Jesus today, and He will give you a new beginning.

If you need further help on finding a permanent solution in Christ Jesus, kindly contact us on notosuicidalthoughts@gmail.com and we'll be glad to get in touch with you.

Remain bless

Suicide is not the solution

Suicide is not the solution

Thinking about suicide
Suicide is the act of taking one's own life. There are people who from depression or despair begin to have thoughts and thoughts suicidal.

Julia had the perfect family, until her father committed suicide. No one understood how a man with two daughters, wife, money and travels around the world decided to take his own life. Julia did not understand why her father decided to commit suicide and today she, her sister and her mother, carry the question of what went through her head. What can be so serious as to want to take life? Why does suicide occur?

Many times appearances deceive and someone who seemed happy suicide. Other times, it is someone who was depressed and their response to life is to end it because there are circumstances they can not control or endure. Suicide and suicidal thoughts and actions are reactions to stressful life situations. It usually occurs in the middle of a crisis, sometimes during an episode of intoxication or drugs. It is a tragic moment, but the good thing is that it can be prevented.

If you are having ideas to take your life, talk to someone about what happens to you. Get help. Do not let those ideas of suicide blind you and prevent you from appreciating how beautiful life can be. Talking to someone will help you have perspective and understand that suicide is not the solution.

Watch out for religious sects or fall into groups of fanatics who promote suicide as a form of salvation. This is false and you should stay away from these people and seek other help right away.

If you know someone who is considering suicide , it is good that you learn to identify the warning signs to seek professional help right away. Dont wait! He who pays attention to this can make the difference between the life and death of someone you love, or yourself.

The signs that will alert you about the intentions of suicide that can have someone or yourself are:

Talk about suicide using phrases like "I want to die," "I want to kill myself," "I wish I were dead," "I would rather not have been born."
Look for elements to commit suicide, such as weapons or pills.
Drastic and recurrent mood swings .
Isolate yourself from others and want to be alone.
Feeling very depressed or desperate.
Increased use of drugs and / or alcohol.
Giving away personal belongings or saying goodbye to people as if they were never to be seen again.
Change daily routines such as meal times or bedtime.
To become very extrovert or very shy suddenly.
Practice self-destructive behaviors such as drug use or drive without precaution.
Presenting "para-suicidal" behaviors, that is, they do not cause death but if they cause harm, such as cutting themselves.
There are studies that suggest that suicide has a genetic component . That is, if someone committed suicide in your family, your tendency to thoughts about suicidal actions is likely to be higher. Julia and her family found that someone else in their father's family had taken their own lives.

If you recognize one or more of these suicidal symptoms, it is important to act immediately, seeking professional help in order to receive treatment and avoid a tragic outcome .

Life is beautiful, it is full of opportunities and solutions. A problem can be can be considered in different ways, depending on how you look at it. Think of the beings who love you. Taking away your own life can ruin their lives forever.

Do not rush to end your life, it is a divine gift that you must care for and respect. Seek professional help. So you can feel better, enjoy, smile and be happy.

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Have you come to this blog looking for easy ways to commit suicide quickly? I hope you decide not to do so after reading this article.
If you have come here with the intention of  ending your life  and learning how to commit suicide, the information you will find here I belief will change your mindset.
However, instead of the well-known guidelines for "how to end your life" and "suicide forms" I will give you a list of situations and attitudes in your life that could life boring and not worth living.
"Become much less than you can become; That's also a form of suicide. "Benjamin Lichtenberg.
Suicide is the act of taking one's own life, but I also think that suicide is not living life to the fullest of our abilities and potentials with passion and vitality.
If you are not loving the life you live, you are already dead (or at least on the way).
Use this article as a tool to open your eyes, if you want, and if there are areas of your life that go these ways, you can make amendment instead of trying to pull the trigger(Kill yourself)

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1- Make Money the most important thing in Life

I've seen this problem pop up many times before. Many of my college friends, who had so many goals and ambitions, were suddenly struck by the depression because they realized that their hopes and dreams were a desire conditioned by society and that it depended completely on whether they made money or not.
We place so much importance on money that we fail to realize that it is an inanimate object like no other. The truth is that money is a simple role, something completely stripped of substance and which is not proof of our personal value.
That is the point! If you value a piece of plain paper the same as you value yourself, you may not be able to enjoy all that life offers.

2 - Poor food

Imagine your body is a machine. Each time you fill the tank with low quality gasoline, your engine deteriorates a little more. Likewise, if you decide to feed yourself the wrong way, for example: getting fed up with fast foods or perhaps eliminating food from your life altogether, instead of following a healthy diet, you are killing your organs and slowly taking his life away.
Life is a work in progress which requires constant and consistent work.
Like a machine, our body must be kept well lubricated, properly maintained, and not abused if we expect it to last.

3 - Destroying the environment
The legacy we leave behind is only for our descendants. Either the offspring of our offspring, or future generations to follow. By destroying the environment, you are making it much more difficult for these people to survive.

If they do not have a place to call home, then whatever you have done, and in whatever way you have contributed to the world, die with them. We are so obsessed with our own belongings that we can not see the whole picture.

Learn to think that the earth is the home in which you live, and all your gifts abound our access to many pleasures. Our responsibility is to maintain this in the healthiest and best conditions.

4 - Getting away from your family, friends and society
Our inability to understand each other on good terms with other people, whether they are our loved ones or others, is simply a reflection of our own claim to moral superiority.

We have to learn to want more to be able to understand ourselves with them paying the price of not always having to be right. Instead of waiting for people to be as we expect them to be, we may choose to see people as beings without limits.

This means to stop wanting to always have the last word, in favor of harmonious and satisfying relationships.

5 - Allow your judgments to guide your life.
We can turn what we think about people into a law and thus a guide for our lives. By believing that people are manipulative, and determined to hurt us in some way, we are creating a world in which we are the victims.
However, we can create a world in which people are brilliant. We can choose to see faults as occasional rotten apples and virtues as something very common.

We must understand that judgment is not something that is beyond our control and that we can convince ourselves of this and live accordingly.
Have you realized that when you consider that someone is a bad person, everything she does is automatically bad?

This is because our judgment has invented its own world and has also created a mechanism of defense that makes you someone more cynical and not someone happier.

6 - Using alcohol, drugs and smoking cigarettes.
Do not. Should I say something else? It's ok, I'll do it. As you surround yourself with people for whom your attention is focused on these activities you are exposing yourself greatly to your influences.

The idea is not to test day after day how resilient and elastic you can be. You will eventually be prone to having a moment of weakness.

Do yourself a favor and surround yourself with people whom you admire, so emulate them will be a blessing to you.

7 - Forget your dreams.
Throughout the course of our lives we all have moments in which we take the gaze out of our dreams and become susceptible to surviving life instead of living it. This can be expressed by not doing the things we love to do, by making excuses for our lack of encouragement, and by dreaming very low.

It is not that dreams can not change over time, they should do so, but we must allow them to adapt to us and not to our circumstances.

The people around us always let us know their opinion, but it is important to remember that we are not puppets and we are not forced to live the visions of others.

8. Abandon growth.
Did you know that a shark should be moving forward at all times? Water runs through your gills, providing the oxygen required to sustain your life. They are still moving while they sleep.
In the same way, human beings must be subject to a progressive and constant development and improvement in order to maintain happiness and personal fulfillment.

A person who is arrested, like a body of stagnant water, is filled with many doubts, and blackened with insecurities. We are living in a changing world, so we must embrace change, instead of fearing and avoiding it.

9. Lose your individualism.
It is important to realize that in the great design / model / plan of the universe we are almost nothing and very insignificant. However, for us to avoid being swallowed up by the latest fashionable stupidity that comes into our lives we must have a very good knowledge of who we are.

Nothing would save us from being the victims of a charismatic dictator, an oppressive abuser, an infomercial, or accepting an immoral proposal.
We must choose, not choose for us.

10. Lose interest.
If indifference is the poison that wounds relationships, disinterest is the poison that leads to a slow and painful death. When the words "I do not care" begin to have that same meaning, we must be on high alert!

The moment people lose interest in their own lives, they lose interest in everything else. Their lives become a daily pursuit of insignificant and easy to reach pleasures that make them believe that their lives are very good.

Sadly, at the same time they end up with a life without hope for beauty, joy and personal fulfillment.

And the best way to commit suicide according to ZonaJ is:
To live a life disconnected from God
As it is public knowledge, the most important part of our being, the spirit, is invisible and this causes people to completely forget it.

The moment your body asks for food you provide it; When your body is sleepy, you lie down to sleep. But when your spirit cries for that great void you have, you try to calm it down with a new friendship, or a new toy, or a new job, etc., when in reality, the only thing your spirit seeks is to be reconnected with your creator.

To live life one more day, without a personal and direct communication with God, is a life that will never make sense.

"You always live in distress, always worried, come to me and I will give you rest" Jesus, Matthew 11:28

If this article has to do with you, you are not the only one. We all have moments when we want to give up because we feel alone or unhappy.
The most important thing to keep in mind is that most of the time we can choose to be sources of joy, peace and a purposeful life instead of being alone and unhappy.
It is by realizing that you have the power to choose the right path to follow that life makes sense. There's always hope!

Counsel against suicide
This article is related to a very serious topic. You may perhaps needs help to avoid any of the above stated enemies of sound life or others not stated.
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