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5 main Causes of Depression

Causes of depression

Depression is usually caused by some disruptive or stressful situation that occurs in life, such as death of a family member, financial problems, or divorce. However, it can also be triggered by the use of some medicines, such as Prolopa, or in case of serious diseases, such as cancer or HIV, for example.
Depression can occur in men and women of all ages, but it can also affect adolescents or the elderly, and the top 5 reasons for depression include:

1. Significant events in life
5 Main causes of depression
Significant events such as divorce, unemployment and the end of a love relationship are frequent causes of depression, but situations that favor prolonged stress, such as frequent discussions at work or at home can also lead to depression because it causes the person to doubt Herself and her abilities.

How to win: Find strength and move on, sometimes a new job is much better than the old one, which despite paying well, was not pleasant. Look for the positive side, if you are unemployed, think that you can now find a new place to work, have the possibility to change branches or open your own business, for example.

2. Bulling or emotional blackmail
Emotional traumas that can arise when one is bullied or suffers an emotional blackmail can also lead to depression because when one often hears insults over time, one can truly believe that they are true by lowering one's self esteem Which consequently favors depression.

How to Win: Tell a trusted family member or friend about what is happening to you and try together to find a plausible solution. Setting limits to defend yourself must be the first weapon of defense.

3. Serious illnesses
5 Main causes of depression
The diagnosis of serious diseases such as stroke, dementia, heart attack or HIV, for example, can also cause depression because it is necessary to deal with prejudice, face painful treatments or have to live daily with the fear of dying. And when it comes to chronic diseases like diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome or lupus, there is a greater chance of getting depressed because you need to change your diet, leaving behind foods that you like but are now harmful.
In addition, relatives who live with a person with cancer or who treat daily people totally dependent may also become depressed due to physical or mental fatigue, constantly suffering from the fear of losing the loved one.

How to overcome: In addition to learning to cope with the needs and care of illness, one must strive to find well-being even in its limitations. Small outdoor walks, watching a movie that likes or go to take an ice cream can be useful to bring a little more joy. A very interesting tip is to take some time weekly to do something you really like.

4. Hormonal changes
Hormonal changes, especially estrogen-lowering, occurring during pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause may potentiate depression. In addition, a lack of omega 3 can also lead to depression because it lowers a person's ability to control their emotions and mood.

How to beat: Normalizing hormone levels is the key to feeling better, during pregnancy and postpartum it is not possible to resort to medicines but strategies like increasing the consumption of foods rich in tryptophan and serotonin can be very useful to feel better .

5. Use of medicines
5 Main causes of depression
Frequent use of medicines such as Prolopa, Xanax, Zocor and Zovirax can cause depression due to decreased production of serotonin, which is a hormone responsible for the sense of well-being. But that does not mean that everyone who takes these drugs gets depressed. See more remedies that cause depression.

How to Win: The ideal is to replace the drug with another that does not have this side effect but the doctor can prescribe antidepressants if substitution is not possible.

When to Seek a Psychologist

It is indicated to make an appointment with a psychologist when the symptoms of depression, such as constant crying, excessive tiredness or pessimism are present for more than 2 weeks and the person can not overcome this stage alone.

The psychologist will do an evaluation and will indicate some strategies that may be useful to go through this phase faster. Sessions must be weekly and may last from 6 months to 1 year. However, only those who can indicate antidepressant medications are the psychiatrist.

Suicidal: Its causes

Suicidal: Its causes

1. Failure. Failure  at any sphere of life could lead some people into suicidal.

Everyone want to succeed, but no one ever want to fail. What we  have forgotten is that there cannot be a true success story without failure story.

Every successful people across the globe  have their failure stories. There are time they also have been in a stand still position like yours, but they never think of killing themselves, and that is why their testimonies is everywhere today .

2. Fear. Fear is a spirit. Once is take hold of a persons life, it could grow into anything. I was sharing with someone yesterday who has been captured by a fear of certain thing that it's either he successfully deal with his fear  or his fear will succeeded dealing with him.

Whatever a man so fear is likely to be the one that will kill him.

3. Betrayal. Many of the suicidal actions are products of betrayed trust, hope and relationship. Several young people have committed suicide because their boy/girlfriend betrayed them.

Never should you betrayed people's trust as it could result into something you will forever be blaming yourself over. But in case you are betrayed, that is not still enough to kill yourself. Because when you do, you will be loosing in three ways. One, you have lost your trust, but now you will be loosing your precious life, and the most serious one is that, you will loosing your eternity.

If the person that betrayed you repent, he will be forgiven, and here are you languishing in hell out of ignorance.

4. Loneliness. Excessive Loneliness can result into suicidal thoughts. If you have ever enjoyed good atmosphere of relationship and suddenly something separate you and put you in a place you can hardly express your joy and burden, you will understand this better.

What you can do in such a time is to find something creative to engage yourself with. Such will keep you busy and be your partner until you are able to get yourself connected with someone around you who cares.

5. External Pressure. Many fall into suicidal because they could not just cope with the pressure within their families and place of work.

There are so many people that experience a serious pressure from time to time at their work place, and instead of their homes to be a place of comfort and encouragement to them, it become another fire due to the attitude of their nagging wives or husbands. And when there is no way again to turn to for nourishment, the end result could be suicide.

6. Poverty. This is what some people use to justify their suicidal. You're poor today doesn't mean you will be poor for ever if you can plan your life well.

7. Sadness. Sad moment is a time we can't totally escape in the journey of life.

But  the response of many to it, is such that leads to taking their lives.
When experiencing a sad moment, make sure you don't take any hasty decision, as such decision take in such a time could be so harmful.

In sad moment, ensure you sorround yourself with people that can help you overcome your present experience, or share your sorrow with someone around you who cares. But never keep this state to yourself for a longer time, as it could brood suicidal thoughts in you.

8. Demonic manipulation. Suicidal could also be a product of demonic attack. We live in a very wicked and sick world under the influence of the wicked ones.

Any life without Christ is constantly predisposed to demonic attack. Little wonder when some people commit suicide, people around them would just be unable to fathom what could have push such a person into the act.

Our heart is always prone to demonic influences, except such heart has been redeemed.
And once a man's heart is captured, his life is already captured. Because whatever affect the heart will eventually put the life under trouble (Read Matthew 15:19).

9. Self hatred. Some people don't just like anything about themselves. They never see anything good in them, but will rather continue comparing themselves with someone else and blaming God for not making them like that fellow. Self hatred is an expression of ingratitude to God.

This kind of people live a sympathetic life. Always feeling sorry for themselves.

10. Guiltiness. When some became guilty of certain fault in their lives, instead of repenting and make the necessary amendment, they will resolve to killing themselves as he might consider it too belittling to accept their errors.

Human being are all meant to  commit errors. No one is an island. Why not confess your fault and be free from the constant torment of guiltiness? Yes, it may cost you something, even your falsified personality could go for it. But you know what? You would have done yourself a great deal of favour by becoming free in your mind, and then pick up your life again.
Judas in the Bible is a typical example of people who committed suicide out of guiltiness. Yes he had betrayed the trust of his Master, but the same Master would have gladly show him mercy if he had repented.
But to cover the same, he went forward and killed himself.

11. Fear of the Unknown. Ask many of the depressed people why they are in such state or how they got there, they can't really give any cognizance reason.

Many have killed themselves today before the tomorrow begin. The fair ranged from, what will tomorrow hold? How am I going to sustain my home? How? How? How? But why not prayerful and hopefully wait for that tomorrow to arrive first before you kill yourself?

12. Addiction. There are many who committed suicide as a result of their addiction to a certain thing that is now becoming embarrassing to them, but which they find difficult to do away with .
When you find yourself in such situation, your solution is not in killing yourself. What you need is a professional counselor or psychologist, who can help you through rehabilitation period in other to bring you back to the normal person you are created to be.

Read my article on dealing with suicide thoughts for way out.

How to help someone with suicidal behavior

How to Identify Suicidal Behavior

Suicidal behavior usually arises as a consequence of an untreated psychological illness, such as severe depression, posttraumatic stress syndrome, or schizophrenia, for example.
This type of behavior has been more and more frequent in people under 29 years of age, a cause of death more important than the HIV virus, affecting more than 12,000 people per year in Brazil.

However, this is a type of behavior that can be avoided, especially when family members or friends of people can identify you and help you. This is because, in most cases, the person is no longer able to identify other solutions to the emotional crisis that is going on.

1. Show excessive sadness and isolation
Being often sad and unwilling to engage in activities with friends or do what was once done are some symptoms of depression, which, when untreated, is a major cause of suicide.
Normally, the person can not identify that he is depressed and thinks only that he is not being able to deal with other people or with work, which, over time, ends up leaving the person despondent and unwilling to live.

2. Suffering behavioral or visual changes
A person with suicidal ideas may behave differently than usual, speaking differently, failing to understand the mood of a conversation or even engaging in risky activities such as using drugs, having unprotected intimate contact or directing Great speed.
Also, since most of the time there is no interest in life, it is common to stop paying attention to the way you dress or care, using old clothes, dirty or letting hair grow and shave.

3. Address outstanding issues
When someone is thinking about committing suicide it is common to start doing various tasks to try to organize their life and finish pending matters, as if it were to travel or to live to another country. Some examples are to visit family members who have not seen for a long time, pay small debts or offer several personal objects, for example.
In many cases, it is also possible for a person to spend a lot of time writing, which may be a will or even a farewell letter. Sometimes these cards can be discovered prior to the suicide attempt, helping to prevent it from happening.

4. Demonstrate sudden calm
Demonstrating calm and carefree behavior after a period of great sadness, depression or anxiety may be a sign that the person is thinking about suicide. This is because the person thinks he has found the solution to his problem by not feeling so worried.
These calm periods can often be interpreted by family members as the recovery phase of depression, for example, and therefore can be difficult to identify and should always be evaluated by a psychologist to ensure that there are no suicidal ideas.

5. Making threats of suicide
Most people who are thinking about suicide will tell a friend or family member of their intentions. Although this behavior will often be seen as a way to get attention, it should never be ignored, especially if the person is experiencing a phase of depression or major changes in their life.

How to help someone with suicidal behavior

When it is suspected that someone may be suicidal, the most important thing is to show love and empathy for that person by trying to understand what is happening and what feelings are associated. Therefore, one should not be afraid to ask the person if they are feeling sad, depressed, and even thinking about suicide.
Then seek help from a qualified professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, to try to show the person that there are other solutions to your problem, not suicide.
Suicide attempts are often impulsive, so to prevent suicide you should also remove any material that could be used to commit suicide, such as weapons, tablets or knives, from the places where the person is suicidal Spend more time. This avoids impulsivity behaviors, giving you more time to think about a solution less aggressive to problems.

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Self-injures why do they do it?


Self-harm are all those behaviors that involve causing harm to oneself when this is not for pleasure or with the intention of ending ones life.

For example: cuts (85%), burns (30%), blows (32%), punctures, scratches, pinching, hair pulling (7%), poisoning, etc ... Self harm can have many functions and causes.

They are a behavior that greatly impacts the people around them who often react with fear and fear and so I will try to explain a little better because it occurs and what you can do if you self-harm.
Why do people hurt themselves?

First we must take into account that although self-harm is a parasuicidal behavior, it is not suicidal behavior in itself. Suicide often attempts to end suffering, end life (they often prefer painless or non-violent methods), while self-harm causes pain or distraction. This is complicated to understand. It is true that many people are injured as a prelude to a subsequent suicide attempt, they feel the ground and this is the danger, the escalation of damage that can end up posing a risk for the person, even without the person's intention. But usually self-injuries are a form of punishment or distraction (they have a different function from suicidal, which does not imply that they are not associated with it). We can usually describe five groups of reasons for someone to self-harm:

To draw attentions: Self-injures are very striking and make others feel the need to be on top of the person for fear of doing it again, they are a very powerful weapon that others can do little, in some cases They look for attention, affection, to be heard and to do what they want. Often the injury is used as a threat ("if you leave me self-injuring" ...) or to blame the other person and make him feel bad. NOT all self-injuries are for this reason (in fact, very few are) and you have to be very careful to ignore a signal of this type because you may not be doing it to attract attention. Usually this point is often omitted for fear of creating harm to people who are self-injuring, but the truth is that there is a percentage that they do for this reason (may be unconsciously) even if they are few.

To punish yourself: Low self-esteem, feelings of guilt, not being worthy of something, being responsible for something negative can lead the person to think they are "bad" and deserve punishment. Many times they represent feelings of hatred or rejection or disgust towards oneself. They are usually people with very low self-esteem.

To avoid an emotional upset: this is like that if your hand hurts your leg breaks (it's a distraction). Physical discomfort (pain) takes priority over any other sensation, stops all thought path, interrupts feelings. When we feel pain we do not think about anything else, and this is what someone in these cases of self-injury seeks. When there is strong rumination, constant negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, the person can be injured by the very discomfort they produce but also because the self-injury will temporarily block those thoughts. It is a way of controlling emotions. For example, if someone is very angry or very very anxious, those emotions start to surpass the person, it is easy that in a few trials the person learns to injure himself as a method to stop that growing anger. It's like a valve that releases that emotional tension.

As suicidal behavior, ground trial: Many suicides had previously carried out attempts. For example cuts on the wrists prior to the deepest cut. Sometimes it is to see if they are capable, to know that they will feel in the moment. Sometimes it shows an insecurity, they are still not sure and at the moment they stop the behavior before it is lethal. It is estimated that 15% of people who self-injure have suicidal tendencies.

To take control over situations that go beyond the person: This would be similar to what happens with anorexia, in this type of behaviors harmful to oneself can influence feelings or need for control, even when one can not control others or What surrounds him, if he can control his own body. This need to feel self-control can be associated with the other factors we have discussed and influence self-injurious behavior, which may represent a form of self-control or simply control.



This article explores what Scripture says about suicide. Now it is very common to hear, even Christians, claim that suicide has nothing wrong and that people who commit suicide can go to heaven.

We'll start by defining what is suicide, according to the Royal Spanish Academy suicide is:

"Made in the likeness of murder, the lat. sui, of himself, and caedere, kill. "

suicide is to commit murder against oneself.

Well it is clear, but what Scripture says about murder?

Committing murder is rooted in man's heart:

Matthew 15:19 "For the heart come evil thoughts, murders , adulteries, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, blasphemies."

Let's see who has always been a murderer from the beginning:

John 8:44 "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do . He has been a murderer from the beginning , and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks; because he is a liar and the father of lies. "

That's right, from the beginning the devil was a murderer. Scripture says that the murderers will not enter the kingdom of God:

Galatians 5: 19-21 "are manifest works of the flesh, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 envy, murders drunkenness, orgies, and things like these; about which I warn you , as I told you before, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God . "

So clear is the Scripture, those who practice homicide, in this particular homicide case against itself shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Scripture exhorts us not to die as homicidal:

1 Peter 4:15 "So none of you suffer as a murderer , or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler;"

The Bible clearly tells us what the end of the slayer:

Revelation 21: 8 "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers , sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters , and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone , which is the second death ."

Revelation 22:15 "But the dogs are outside , and sorcerers, fornicators, murderers , idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie."

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit:

1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 " Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God , and ye are not your . 20  For ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God 's . "

What if someone destroys the temple (our body)?

1 Corinthians 3:17 " If any man defile the temple of God , God will destroy him ; because God's temple, which temple ye are , is holy . "

So God will destroy.

People who commit suicide (murder against himself) will not inherit the kingdom of God and its end is eternal punishment in the lake of fire. Such confidence is Scripture on this issue, although some want to deny that this is so.

Can you say that all those who have committed suicide have this fate? Not necessarily, because there are many types of suicides, there are suicides that are very fast and the person does not have time to repent of what he did, but there are other suicides in which the person may have had time to repent heart of the he made, for example someone who pulls the roof of a building, perhaps during his fall could have repented heart. Then you can not say conclusively that everyone who has committed suicide is the fate described by Scripture, but unfortunately the vast majority yes, a person who is killed with a bullet in his head hardly have time to true repentance.


Despite what anyone tells you, what God's Word says is that the homicidal, including homicidal against itself shall not enter into the kingdom of God and suffer eternal punishment for ever and ever.
If you are going through a situation where your mind goes the thought of suicide, wait and think about this, you'd rather spend eternal life burning you forever and ever and being tormented for eternity or maybe you prefer to face what you spend with courage and suffering some punishment or pain here on earth in this fleeting life for a while but have eternal life with our Lord in an eternal place where there will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor sadness. If you think about it the answer seems obvious right?

Revelation 21: 4-7 " God will wipe away every tear from their eyes ; and there will be no death , nor will there be mourning , nor crying , nor pain ; for the former things are passed away. 5 And he that sat upon the throne said , Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write; because these words are faithful and true . 6 And he said to me, It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give of the fountain of the water of life . 7 He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be my son . "
That's the promise of our Father, do not miss to be suffering passenger things in this world, the same Scripture says that in this world we will pass trials and tribulations but they give us patience:
Romans 5: 3-4 "And not only this, but also we glory in tribulations , knowing that tribulation worketh patience ; 4 and perseverance, character ; and character , hope ; "

God bless you.



The chances of the world becoming a better global village have been tampered with due to the loss of more than 800,000 people every year, Industries are being endangered as human resources depletes speedily, societies suffers the downfall of it's member at some point in time, families are left with stigma, guilt, confusion, pain and intense emotion, friends are left miserable with guilt haunting them and almost everyone are dealing with the mysterious reason behind the loss of their loved ones. All these are few tragic marks left in the world today as a result of what we will be taking a look at in this article Viz ;  SUICIDE

Suicide Is a crime in some part of the world excluding the western countries, it is regarded as a crime because the suicide victim have ended his "right to live". While the person who commits suicide cannot be reached by the law, there can be legal consequences to the corpse, the person's property or family members. In the ancient Athens, a person who died by suicide is denied an honorable burial. Usually the person will be buried alone on the outskirts of the city without a headstone. A criminal ordinance was issued by Louis XIV in 1670 which was more severe in it's punishment as the corpse of the victim was drawn through the streets, face down, and then hung.

Medically, suicide is a major public health problem around the world.  According to the National Institute of Mental Health(NIMH),suicide was the eleventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2000,and the third leading cause of death of people between ages 15 and 24.Neurobiological factors  influence a person's risk of suicide. Post-mortem studies of the brain of suicide victims shows that the frontal cortex which is the part of the brain associated with aggression and other impulsive behaviors have a lower level of serotonin ,a neurotransmitter associated with mood disorders. Also, suicide victims usually have higher level of cotisol, a hormone produced in stressful situations in the tissues of their central nervous system.

The religious bodies in most part of the world regard suicide as a sin as it contradicts to the commandment of God "Thou shall not kill". It is believed that the suicide victims have committed a sin by ending or claiming a life he cannot create; hence religious bodies preach against suicide.

General studies have shown that someone attempts suicide once every minute, and someone completes a suicide once every seventeen minutes and nearly 30,000 Americans commits suicide every year. On average, 1 person commits suicide every 16.2 minutes and each suicide intimately affects at least 6 other people. Also, Five to ten percent of suicide takes place in mental hospitals. Several U.S states and national studies suggests that suicide among homosexuals are more rampant than in heterosexuals, there is also an increasing evidence that individuals with a family history of suicide is more prone to committing suicide

The big question is what does the word "SUICIDE" means? The word Suicide is derived from the Latin words "Sui" and "Cidium", which means to "kill oneself". Literarily, suicide is defined as the act of taking one's life voluntarily and intentionally .It also refers to performing a deliberate act resulting in voluntary death of people who does it. Usually, suicide victims attempts to end their lives due to so some factors such as mental disorders, emotional trauma, inability to manage heart breaks, frustration and so many other factors. In most cases, suicide victims leave a note before death stating their reasons for taking their lives. Suicide is done with so many methods like hanging, firearms, taking poisons, jumping down a tall building and so many other ways.

Suicide have affected the world negatively and as such, Government and Non-Governmental bodies around the world are working towards it's eradication.
Suicidal and Worldview

Worldview according to Steve Corbett et al "is a total set of beliefs or assumptions that comprise the mindset of an individual and determine what they believe and how they behave". Our worldview is the spectacles through which we see and and interpret reality, shaping our responses towards God, self, others and our environment.
How we view life automatically determine how we respond to it. Let's change our worldview in other to create a suicide free communities together

The Bible and Suicide.

The Bible and Suicide.

According to the World Health Organization, almost 3,000 people end their lives every day.
Myself and one of my senior brother was talking recently in Lagos State, Nigeria, and he told me of a former neighborh of his I knew very well who has committed suicide. He said he updated his Facebook status with "I'm about to commit suicide" and someone that saw that immediately telephone his twin brother, who  in turn run down with a bike to his house. But on getting there, his brother is gone already. He had killed himself.
Many similar cases like this is happening globally.  Hence the question,What does the Bible say about it?
Suicide is generally defined as taking life. The emotional wounds he leaves in family and friends are profound and produce not only a feeling of loneliness, but particularly guilt and disorientation. When attempting to provide some guidance that answers the question of suicide, I should limit my comments to the following brief comments.
First, I want to distinguish between suicide and martyrdom, which is the willingness to surrender our lives for fundamental convictions and values we hold to be non-negotiable, and heroic acts of self-sacrifice that result in the preservation of other lives (a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to Save other lives). While suicide is fundamentally a denial of the value of the gift of life, the final solution to a life that is perceived as insufferable, the other two cases are expressions of respect and love for life.
I will present the cases of suicide or attempted suicide recorded in the Bible, I will draw some conclusions and make some general comments.

1. Suicide cases in the Bible.

Abimelech, mortally wounded by a piece of a millstone thrown by a woman, asked his armor-bearer to kill him to escape the reproach (Judges 9:54). Saul, after being seriously wounded in battle, committed suicide (1 Sa, 31: 4). Seeing what the King had done, his armor-bearer "fell upon his sword, and died with him" (verse 5). This was motivated by fear of what the enemy would do to them.
Ahithophel, one of King Absalom's advisers, hanged himself, after realizing that the King had rejected his counsel (2 Samuel 17:23). Zimri became king after a coup, but when he noticed that the people did not support him, "he went into the palace of the royal house, and set the house on fire with him," committing suicide (1 Kings 16:18). ).
Judas was so emotionally disturbed after betraying Jesus that he hanged himself (Matt 27: 5). Samson took his life in battle against the enemy (Judges 16:29, 30).
After an earthquake, the jailer at Philippi concluded that the prisoners had escaped, and in fear he tried to commit suicide, but Paul was told not to do so (Acts 16: 26-28).

2. Comments on the biblical material.

Of the incidents mentioned above we perceive several things.

First, many of the suicides occurred in a warlike context, in which suicide is the result of fear or shame.

Second, other cases are more personal and reflect, in addition to fear, low self-esteem. They all happen in the context of an emotionally disturbed mental state.
Third, suicide is mentioned without any value judgment about the action. This does not mean that it is morally right, rather it points out that the biblical writer was simply describing the event.
We come to an understanding of the moral impact of suicide through a biblical understanding of human life: God created it, and we are not the owners to use it and dispose it as we please; The sixth commandment has something to say on this subject. Therefore, a Christian should not consider suicide as a morally valid solution to the difficult situation of living in a world of physical and emotional pain.

3. Comments and suggestions.

How should we react to the suicide of a loved one?

First, psychology and psychiatry have revealed that in most cases suicide is the result of deep emotional turmoil or a biochemical imbalance associated with a deep state of depression and fear.

Second, God's justice takes into account the intensity of our troubled minds; He understands us better than anyone. We must place the future  in His merciful hands rather than thinking of taking our lives.

Third, with the help of God, we can face guilt in a constructive way. It is necessary to remember that the person who commits suicide needs professional help that many of us are unable or are unwilling to provide.

Finally, if you are ever tempted to commit suicide, remember there are medications that can help you overcome depression, that there are friends who love you and want to help you, and that there is a God who desires nothing but the best in you.

His word says towards you in Jeremiah 29:11: "I(God) knows the plans I have for You (you can put your name there). They are plans of good and not of evil to give you hope and expected end".

But in case you need more or personal help towards overcoming your depression or suicidal thoughts, please be free to contact us, and we'll be glad to help you.

Equally, if you know someone thinking suicidal, do well by referring such to this website ( as the site  is loaded with many helpful materials on the subject matter.

Thanks and stay blessed!



Depression and suicide in Men

What is depression?

Depression is a term often used in our daily language to refer to a clear and understandable unhappiness. Actually, this word should be reserved for those people who exhibit a significant and persistent decrease in their mood, leading to difficulties in leading a normal life. Such conditions may range from predisposition to low mood (known as dysthymia) to depressive episodes that may vary in intensity from relatively mild to severe.

Desperate man with a bottle

Depression is more common in women than in men, although its most dramatic consequence, death by suicide, is more common in men.
Depression will probably be one of the most widespread diseases of the 21st century, if not the most. It causes great suffering and a substantial number of deaths as well. Depression leads to unhappiness in the home, difficulties at work, and internal disorder or distress; Unfortunately, it is still little recognized as an illness, and when it is not always treated properly. Depression is more common in women than in men, although its most dramatic consequence, death by suicide, is more common in men.

How is depression diagnosed?

The diagnosis of depression is made when several key symptoms are present:

Humor under persistent or vital sadness
Loss of interest and ability to enjoy anything (anhedonia)
Reduction of energy and decrease of normal activity Of interest
Grief and loss
Other findings may also be present as:

Decreased concentration and attention
Low self-esteem and confidence
Ideas of guilt and devaluation
A pessimistic view of the future
Thoughts about planning or attempting suicide
Unjustified crying
Altered sleep
Loss of appetite.
Disinterest in sexual relations.
Depression is often more difficult to diagnose in men because they do not usually complain about these typical symptoms. In men it is less likely to admit alterations and if they consult the doctor they tend to translate their evils into concrete physical complaints.
Is depression very common?

In studies conducted in the European community, 2% of the population suffers from pure depression at some point in their lives. Some people have mild forms of the disease, some moderate and others severe forms, in roughly equal numbers. Another 8% of the population suffers mixed forms of anxiety and depression at some point in their life. Other people do not have symptoms severe enough to make a diagnosis of anxiety or depression, but they have an effect on work and social life, and complain of unexplained physical symptoms. Depression rates in recent years appear to be increasing. This trend is worrying and has been widely discussed. Depression is now more diagnosed in young people than previously. This change could be a result of growing social fragmentation, including the breakdown and transformation of family relationships observed during the last decades.

Symptoms of depression

Moderate episodes of depression often improve without treatment or respond to simple measures such as change in the environment or family situation. Many other patients can be treated properly by their family doctor. Only a minority of patients should be directed to specialized psychiatric services:

Those who are at high risk of committing suicide.
Those who do not respond to the usual treatments.
Those in which the diagnosis is confusing or difficult to perform.
If depression coexists with other conditions that complicate treatment, such as an additional physical illness.
Patients with psychotic depression, who manifest delusions (anomalous thoughts) or hallucinations, should always be sent to specialists.
How about your self-esteem?

To like and value yourself high is very important

Combating depression

sychotherapy and counseling

Certain studies clearly show that patients prefer to approach a psychotherapeutic approach (talk about their problems) or at least expect it, in combination with their medication. Evidence shows that certain specific forms of psychotherapy are useful for patients with depression. Its utility is more obvious in the milder forms and in the prevention of later episodes of depression. Men less frequently request this form of treatment.

What can Society do?
Some element of modern society is favoring the suicide of young men, but at the same time it is not exerting an influence among young women. We need to know more to find out why this happens and if necessary society should change what our lifestyles need in order to reduce this toll of suicides. Here are some statistics that invite you to reflect:

About 80% of suicidal women had consulted their doctor and received treatment before their death.
Only 50% of the men had consulted their doctor.
In men under 25, the percentage is even lower (20%).
Certain educational campaigns could help men, particularly young men, to seek assistance rather than suffer their problems in silence. What can you do? If you have any of the symptoms of depression listed at the beginning, you should see your doctor; If you feel hopeless about the future, or if the idea of suicide has passed through your head you should get in touch with it more urgently. If you notice signs of depression in other people strongly urge them to do so. If someone threatens to commit suicide take the threat seriously and do not trivialize on the possible reasons. Always remember that depression is treatable and suicide, avoidable.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Suicide Thoughts

One of the global threatening challenges remain suicide activities which is taking place at different part of the world claiming many innocent lives.
Today, I interviewed two young guys in their middle twenties that what on earth do they think should  be enough to push one into the level of committing suicide or becoming a suicide carrier? And I was shocked by the response of one of them who says "Once there  is nothing again to leave for, then what else is better than to commit a suicide? And from our discussion, I was able to deduced the fact that every actions and reactions first begin with a seed of  thought either positive or negative. Therefore, every suicide actions began with a thought, and germinate into action.
Therefore, this article aim at exposing some of the factors exposing people to suicide thought.
1. Boredom:  Many things are responsible to making life become bored. And one of them is lack of improvement. When a person decided to settle down for the status quo, and aspire not to stretch further, it will sometimes definitely end up in boredom, which could give birth to a suicide thoughts.
The most happiest people in the world are the growing people. Day by day, they are getting more busy making themselves more better, and so it become difficult for boredom to set in to the extent of developing a suicide thought. But for a stagnant life, there is nothing challenging him to get out of his comfort zone  and to be the best he could be. So, at a point, like the brother in my introduction, he'll get to a point of seeing no reason for living. And that is the point suicide thoughts set in.
Boredom set in quickly when our hearts is not engaged with something positive and curative. That is why I belief in the adage which says an idol hand is the devils workshop. There's no way you will be proactive in your through and your hands will not be engaged positively too.
So, I could say boredom is directly proportional to  an inactive heart. And once a person's heart is inactive, it's prone to any form of negativity including suicide thoughts.
2. Accepting every judgment of others about yourself: Even though we at one point or the others needs the affirmations of the people around us, yet, no body have the right to define your life for you.
Several people began to nurture suicide thoughts simply because Someone told them something not positive about them. But you know what? Whatever anyone may say about you is just what he/she thought you're. What really matter is how you see yourself and how much value you put upon yourself. The only person that cannot be wrong about who you really are is God, and the second person ought to be you.
I remembered a lady I counseled some years back, she was told by her formal fiancee after gaining all he could from her that she is too short. And so she allowed that to registered into  her brain, which made her to began to withdraw, and to see herself as someone who really doesn't worth leaving since no man will want to marry a short lady. And I looked into this lady's eyes to see where the guy got his definition about  her from, because sincerely she was never a short lady. But someone made her to belief she is and she danced to that tune. If she was not helped on time, she could get to a point where she begin to nurture suicide thought in her mind. But thank God, she was helped out of that bias judgement, and today, she's happily married with kid.
Whenever anybody looked down on you, try to look up. It will be so myopic to base whom you're on what anyone might say. What if the person is suffering from shortsightedness? Accepting his judgment simply means you're both suffering from the same sickness.
3. Dwelling in the empire of the past: Everybody has a past. Though the experiences and the scars may differ, but we all have at one point in time made some mistakes. But what really matter is not the blunder we committed, but how much we can learn our lessons from it to better the course of our tomorrow.
Whatever happened yesterday have no correction. So dwelling in your past is more dangerous for your present.
Many peoples hearts became engrossed into suicidal thought because they failed to  let go of yesterday and move on with the beautiful aroma of life today is presenting to them.
The earlier one wave away everything that have to do with the blunders of yesterday, the better one save him/herself from evil thoughts which could latter germinate into suicide.
4. False hope for happiness: False hope for happiness is yet another factor responsible for suicide thought. Some people think that when they arrive at a certain point, they will be happy. When they get rid of that job, when they take that trip, when they marry that man or woman, when they meet that goal- they will be happy. But to their disappointment, even after attaining their set objective, they still couldn't experience the desire happiness. But what they don't remembered is that if you're not happy before getting there, you might still not be happy when you get there.
And disappointment not to find answer to their unhappiness even after meeting the set goals may lead many into suicide thoughts.
There is a need to always remember that the only thing or person most needed to make you happy is yourself, not any thing or anyone.
5. Escape mentality: There is one very destructive saying in Yoruba culture of Nigeria, Africa that "death is quicker than disgrace". I'm yet to understand where such saying emanated from. Of course it could be from nowhere than from the pith of hell. And so, many began to nurture suicide thought as an escape route for the consequences of some crime that have committed or as a cover up for some certain things in their lives they don't want to be exposed to others
There was told of a man who loaned money from bank for business, and things failed to work out as planned, and he concluded in his heart that the only way out of that shame  is to kill himself, and so he committed suicide.
What such a person is ignorant of is that your death never mean the cancellation of your debt, since your collateral and guarantor is still there.
Since suicide thoughts begin in the mind, then it's essential to jealously guide our hearts in other to filter all that comes in that are or could later become injurious to us. The word of God according to Mathew 15:19 says "For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:" So never allow any unproductive thoughts to dwell long in your heart. Discard them immediately they come.
I'll encourage you to read my previous article on suicide ideation for more help.
Be free to drop your comments, questions or suggestions.
Stay blessed!

Dealing with Suicide Thoughts

In my previous articles, I dealt extensively on how suicide thoughts emanated and the responsible factors (read suicide thoughts and suicide ideation for details). So, I considered it a worth commitment to dig out some of the possible ways to overcome this evil thoughts of suicide. Because for every WHY? There definitely must be an answer.
Many committed suicide perhaps because they couldn't get an answer to their Why's.
So, join me to explore some of the remedies to suicide thought and suicidal.
1. Be positive: Develop a positive attitude about life. Life become worth living and enjoying when we think right about our problems, feel right about our problems, and then act right about our problems.
Being positive doesn't mean the problems are no longer there, rather it's a mindset that the problems will not always be there.
When we focus too much on what is not working right with us, then we landed ourselves into problem which is where suicide thoughts began to grow in many peoples hearts.
Being positive means to be thankful for today no matter the conditions, and pursuing with every of your strength a better tomorrow.
Someone once shared with me sometimes ago about how one of his friend who was passing through a very tough time. But each time they met, she'll never allowed herself to be pitied  by anyone as she keep on assuring them all the time that 'it's well'.
That is a positive attitude. She never allowed her condition to poison her mind, but rather, she was seeing a better tomorrow beyond the present realities.  And you know what? Presently things has began to change with her family. And this happens because she was positive.
What she went through is more than what some people went through before starting to think of suicide. Imaging someone staying in an estate before now leaving in the church building and with her friend in his rented apartment. But for the little time I was able to know her after hearing about  her, there is never a dull moment with her. She's always happy.
Be positive. It's a very great antidote against suicide thought.
2. Speak Out: There is a saying that a closed mouth is a closed destiny.
Before a man commit suicide, he must have thought about it, and even strategize how to go about it. What if he share the struggle with someone around him? It could even latter be discovered that what he wanted to kill himself over is a very minute thing that could easily be helped overcome.
My first time of having a real exposure to people committing suicide was a neighbor opposite our house when I was still a little primary school boy.
It was around past 4am in the morning when we heard a gun short, and everybody was thrown into panic thinking of what could be happening.
It was no long we heard noises from his house (that of his  mum and wife). And everybody began to troop to house, lo and behold, the man was lying in the pool of blood, and he's gone.
Latter we began to hear some rumors about the cause of his death, some says he was owing some money that he couldn't pay back, so he decided to commit suicide.
The incident threw his wife, mum, and everyone around into a big confusion because he was known to be the easy going type. He never create any awareness that could have salvage his life.
What if he shared the burden with his wife and some trusted friends? Is he the only person to ever have problems? What if he sought for counseling to help him deal with the suicide thoughts?
Today we have all around us professional counselors who can hep out out of the coven of evil thoughts we might have put ourselves into before it ended  up into suicide. You might even not need to go an inch before you get help in this technology age. They are all around there on the Internet to help you.
The moment you begin to have a suicide thought, don't take it as irrelevant or just a common thought. Speak out immediately.
If many of the people that have committed suicide have spoken out, imaging how many of them will still be useful to our communities today. Imaging what could have happened to the lady I cited as example in "Suicide Thoughts" (Read it up if you have not) suppose she never opened up.
3. Be proactive: Being proactive means ones ability to act in advance before things become totally worse. Suicidal could be a reaction to ones unfavorable situation, while a proactive one would have acted not to fall into that ugly situation or perhaps he fell into it, what he will need to do to get himself over it.
Not to prepare ahead is to be prepared for the worse.
4. Engage Yourself in Something that bring You Joy:  Good job or perhaps a good salary does not equal happiness. Neither does busyness means satisfaction. Suicidal does not all the time have to do with poverty, but it have much to do with satisfaction in whatever one is engaged in.
Many developed suicide thought because they have never found joy and happiness in what they do.
Sincerely, you can't be happy with what you're doing, and be blessing lives and ever come to a point of thinking of suicide.
So, if what you do is not making you happy, then drop it for something else that will bring happiness into your life.
5. Don't run away from challenges: John C. Maxwell says "If you find a path that has no challenges, you will find that it leads nowhere. Some people begin to nurture suicide thoughts because they are not ready to face the challenges of life.
John Maxwell says " Any problem is a problem when there is no purpose. But no  problem is a problem when there is purpose".
Don't kill yourself because of any challenges you you be passing through. Challenges are not meant to be run away from. They are to be met head on. Become a problem solver rather than a quiter. All Suicidal has something in common- they all quite from living.
John C. Maxwell says "you may not choose your problem, but you choose your response".
In this life, we'll always have one challenges or the others to tackle. But  what matter is  how we handle them.
Someone can see his own challenges as a means forward, while someone else might consider the same challenge as a reason to commit suicide. The different between them both is their responses.  Always remember this quote from Robert Kennedy "Some people look at things  as they are and say ,why? Some people look at things as they could be and say, why not?"
No challenges should push you to the point of thinking of suicide, rather let it push you into getting better than it met you.
6. Identity your purpose:  Another remedy for suicidal is identification of ones purposes. Someone says once a purpose is lost, everything is lost.
Your purpose is the reason for your existence, far beyond whatever you may  be faced with. A man's purpose is what keeps him from giving up.
Behind every enjoyable and comfortable life experience, there is a purpose, because purpose is like what salt is to the soup to our lives.
7. Celebrate yourself: When a man loss his sense of worth, then anything is possible- including suicide.
No matter what you are being faced with, the good news is that God believes in you, and He will not allowed any situation that have no way out to come your way.
So, why trusting Him for a turn around, celebrate yourself for who you're today and enjoy been yourself.
Having gone through these few hints out of many remedies to suicidal thoughts, I want to encourage you my dear reader to set your priorities in right. Because a man who doesn't live by priorities will live by pressure, and when pressure become too much for a man to bear, he might force himself into suicide.
Wow! We've been able to discovered powerful nuggets that could help overcome suicide thoughts together. We will love to hear back from you.
Be free to drop your comments, questions or suggestion, they all will be promptly responded to.
Stay blessed!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


SUICIDE ATTEMPT, According to English mobile dictionary, Intentional killing of oneself, as a kind of action or social phenomenon.

Today, suicide is considered one of the highest ranking global occurrences.  When you tuned up to any social media, one of the thing you're likely to come across is someone killing himself somewhere.

Suicide attempt therefore is someone taking a step to end his/her own life by any possible means.
Many different things lead people to attempt to take their lives. But the Truth remain, no one have a right to take his/her own life or that of another person since life is a treasure assets to us from God for the sake of His own glory and our own good.

So, to this end, it become a very serious abysmal for someone to take it to his hand to end such a life he never knew when precisely it began.

Part of the reason why many think of nothing but to kill themselves is ;

Lost of vision: Your vision is a total representation of whom you are. And once it's lost, life become frustrated and boring. And once a person's life become bored to, nothing might probably interest such a person than death.

Identify your life vision, that is your purpose of existence, and diligently pursue it. You are never created to be another person. Neither can you fit in into everything.

I knew a young lady that keep switching from one professions to the other. Which I see as a product of a misplaced vision. To such a person, except she's helped on time, she may eventually end up frustrated and not even know which out of this many skills should be pursued. And once frustration become the order of the day in a man's life, a day will come he'll just want to put an end to the mess he/she is into.

A young lady also withdrew herself from higher institution, forgetting about that beautiful picture she once had in her mind before venturing into that course all because someone brainwashed her with the saying "Why do you need education for? Are there not people without education that are making it big in life?" So, she was misled to misplaced her vision and began to do multilevel marketing with them.

I'm not saying her pursuing her studies  is a license to becoming all her heart desire. But the point here is that, it will be a great error to abandoned your vision and began to run after another man's vision.

By now, she should have completed her studies. And the money she was deceived with, she never made. Even to worsen the case, her multilevel marketing team leader impregnated her and declined to accept the pregnancy except she'll have to get it terminated.

And what do you think landed her into the mess if not that she simply lose grip of her life vision and thus began to pursue shadow. And you know the irony of life, when the light come- reality- the shadow will fade off, then you will know how much you've injured yourself, and to many that could not find help out of it, they ended attempting to take their lives.

2. Inferiority complexes: This is another reason why many people attempt suicide or even perhaps commit it. Nothing push people to the pit of suicide easier than inferiority complexes. Because we live in an highly competitive world, the events unfolding around ones life may cause such to begin to look down upon himself as good for nothing, third class citizen.

There was a man several years ago from an Asian country. He was born so ugly, and so no lady he approach for relationship ever gave him a positive answer. Rather, they took on the heel. Until one day he approached his grandma who's also his guidance that ma, why  is every lady running away from me? And the elderly woman first take enough time to laugh herself away before asking her grandson that don't you know you're ugly?

In short you're the most ugly thing I've ever seen.
The boy went into his room, pick up a mirror, and carefully examined himself on the mirror for the first time, and finally agreed with her grandmother that he is indeed ugly. And since that time, he has been attempting to take his life until she came in contact with a Christian sister who the Lord used to reshape his thought about himself.

The problem with the brother in question  is that he allowed his grandma to defined himself for him base on her own judgment on beauty. Forgetting what the word of God says about him in Psalm 139:14- "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well".

When the sense of who we truly are  is lost, inferiority complex will set in, and its effect is always detriment if not dealt with on time.
Accept yourself for whom you are. Appreciate and celebrate yourself even when nobody does. Prove them wrong by bringing out the best of themselves in the others.

You may not have what he has, but even amidst that, you still have something he also never has. Self discovery and self appreciation is the key.

3. Impatience is also another factor that could made one to attempt suicide. There was a case of a jailer put in charge of Apostle Paul in Acts 16 when himself and his companion, Silas was imprisoned in Philippi for casting out the spirit of divination out of a lady who was a source of income for her master.

It happened that in the midnight, thru the weapons of prayers and worship they don't only delivered miracle of deliverance for themselves but for all the prisoners. And when the jailer woke up, he discovered that the prison doors were opened and thus concluded the prisoners must have escaped, and so he attempted to murder himself before Apostle Paul came to his rescue (Acts 16:18-29).

Many have killed themselves only to discovered later that the information they received was not real.
Do not make any rash decision against yourself come what may. What  it doesn't turn out to be what you thought at the end of the day? And here already are you waiting for eternal judgement of God for abusing the gift of life- of course the most valuable gift - He  had given you.
Don't kill yourself before death come. Even  if the information finally turns to be true, accept it with faith and continue your life.

In conclusion, always remember before you take that decision that could result  into your death that your life is never yours, but God's asset. Also because because you're not the initiator of your life, nor were you there when it was initiated, then you have no right for whatsoever to end it.

Hope you've been blessed by this article,  or you need more help or counseling, kindly email us, and we will be glad to come alongside with you.
Stay blessed


Suicide mission simply means giving a fellow human being a task that automatically will end up their lives. 

And beside every suicide missions always lies deception and falsehood borne out of selfishness and depravity of human mind. And today globally, we have a great deal of suicide missions running around. And many lives,family, businesses had gone for it. Meanwhile, behind these evil perpetuations are some cabals who delighted in sending their gullible victims an assignment they never would have sent their own children. 

And most of the suicide missions carrier having get tired of existence due to one factor or the others surrounding their lives gives in easily. To me, it's a serious wickedness to send your fellow human being a suicide missions, and it's equally stupidity to respond to such an assignment. Here are some of the ways people are caught up in suicide missions; 

1. Religion fallacy: There is a religion that offers people unfounded and fallacious hope that nothing is more good than to die defending your God and your religion. To achieve this, they first flush out the mechanism for right thinking in them, and filled their heads back with lies. They teach them so many things that these gullible victims never attempt to investigate on their own. The assumption was that their leaders knows better, and cannot mislead them. Meanwhile, they never even think why their instructors never applied to his own life the teaching he's given unto them. 

What might never caught through the mind of some of the suicide missions carrier is that is God a man that we should defend him? They even made them to understand that dying in such a way gives you a direct ticket into Paradise and you will be rewarded by seven wives. How many are they that will never realized how much they have been brainwashed and deceived until they find themselves in eternal damnation contrary to their expectations. No true God is worth fighting for except you will deceive yourself. Why don't you tell your sender to first send his own son, or is Paradise not good for his own family members? 

2. False aids out of poverty: We sincerely lives in a very sick world. And she's getting even more sick day after day.You could hear of someone embezzling several millions of dollars while someone else could hardly provide a square meal for his home. 

You could hear of someone been jailed for stealing a chicken, while the man that stole several millions from the government treasury is walking boldly without anyone harassing him around the street. And the cabals in always to satisfy their own ugly desires always take advantage of the poverty of people to get them recruited for suicide missions with a promise of a huge amount of money to their family. And this seriously reflect how sick the world we lived in is. 

 Imaging a man that never see half a million in his life, and someone is offering to give him 10million for a suicide missions, it will take a sense of vision to be able to say no. Some of them would quickly admit that what is their point of existence when their family are suffering, and wouldn't mind sacrificing their lives to make their family better. 3. Other way people are entangled into suicide missions is through ignorance. In this life, it's either you kill ignorance by been informed or the ignorance kills you. Many embarked on suicide missions out of ignorance. 

Their user take advantage of their been uninformed, and push them into trouble. Nothing kill more faster than ignorance. Don't just allowed yourself to be lured into anything. Investigate and understand the motive before given yourself into it. Don't just help someone to deliver a package you are not so sure of, particularly if your level of trust in the person is not that strong. Because it could ended up been a suicide missions. Get informed about the global trend. Equip yourself with the needful informations. You know why? These wicked cabals knows who they approached for such an assignment. 

And no informed person in his right senses will ever yielded to a suicide missions. Wisdom is the principal thing against being usedfor a suicide missions. In conclusion, your life worth more than to just waste it away as a suicide missionary. Cherish your life and celebrate it. We would like to hear your comments and suggestion on this article as we work together to build a suicide free world. Thanks for your attention to read through.


 -Parasitic kind of relationship Different people go into relationship for different reasons. But some of such relationship ends up a suicide kind in nature. As a product of microbiology, I have a clear understanding of what parasite does to its victim or host- reduced it gradually until the only option left for the host is death. 

Nothing concerns the parasite whether the host will be injured and eventually died. Neither does it have anything to add to the relationship. Once it is satisfied, then everything is okay. And such is the case of the relationship many attached themselves to. This relationship never leave their host better than they met them, but rather to devalued them. 

And any relationship that left you not in anyway better but decreased is a suicide relationship. When we talk of suicide, we are talking of someone taking his/her on life. So I know many will ask how does that relate with relationship? But I will show you it have many to do with it. Many are still living, but they have become a living corpse just because they consciously or unconsciously find themselves in such a relationship that rubbed them all that is essential to their existence in life. 

Every relationship needs to be defined from its onset as whether such have anything good for you in the future or might perhaps become a suicide relationship for you. Imaging a lady that met a guy on the social media and have to travel several miles leaving her studies to come and meet him in hotel, and that one finally used her for money ritual.

 Many will say the guy killed her, but in the real sense, she killed herself. You asked me how? Then I'll also ask you what precisely is she looking for? Perhaps she thought she had caught a maga, until she couldn't belief the little care the guy had lavished on her is an exchange for her life. 

How do you know if a relationship is suicidal? You need to understand the different form of relationships that exist, and evaluate every relationship before you become a victim of it. 1. The first type of relationship I want to talk about is additional relationship. 

It helps you to be a little better than you once were. In it's own capacity, it desire your well being and achieving your goals, and would contribute in its little capacity to attaining that. 2. So also we have multiplying relationship. Hmmm! This relationship brings out the very best in you. Challenged you for growth, help you broaden your visions, and instill in you the I can do it mindset. 3. On the other hands, we have subtractive relationship. 

One of the expression of suicide relationship. It take out of you your dreams, value, vision, integrity.... Until life doesn't worth living for you again. Subtractive relationship achieve its aim gradually so that its victim will not be suspicious. It pretend of helping you will, but behold, it's suicide in disguise. 4. The last one and perhaps the most dangerous one is dividing relationship. This on its own tends to be faster in achieving its goal on its victim. If it met you a virgin, you can be sure within some few days, your virginity is gone. 

If it met you rich, in a short while, riches is made to become an history to you. It's so destructive in nature, but many of its victims were caught in ignorance, just for them to later discovered they have been baptized into a suicide relationship. The last two mentioned type of relationship should be critically considered before going deep into any form of relationship for any reason. Some entered into such relationship in bid for power or money without been told in details the terms and conditions attached to it. Eventually these gullible victims end up in suicide. 

Even though you may not have died physically, of what important is the relationship that rub you of your joy and perhaps most important thing in your life? Don't you think such a relationship is not in any way better than suicide? Relationship is good, but if not well defined could become hunting and suicide to its victim. So watch your relationships. I hope I've been able to communicate a message to you my beloved readers? If you find this article helpful, why not share with your friends. Who knows who may need it most. 

Be free to share with us your view or perhaps you have been caught up into any suicide relationship and you need help to come out of it, be free to contact us, and we assure you of a quick and professional response