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5 Reasons Not to Commit Suicide

5 Reasons Not to Commit Suicide

Kehinde Pius O
Missionary, life coach and anti suicidal advocate

At times, we learn from our mistakes. It makes you to become bigger and with more creativity than before. But there are also some mistakes one should not dare to make, simply because they can be avoided. And such a mistake is to sell oneself out to suicidal. 

Hear this testimony of a suicide survival "It was so that several months ago I stopped connecting to social networks and watched with longing as the train approached each afternoon, seriously contemplating suicide. But it was painful to get stuck on a train from Anna Karenina (whom I detest). The only thing that could repeat me as a mantra was: "Do not get depressed, think you do not have the money to pay a psychiatrist . "
I had to recover my desire to live, to motivate myself, to recover the course of my life, to make myself feel special ... or to contemplate in a realistic way the consequences of suicide".

Are you really thinking about taking your life, consider the following:

5 Reasons Not to Suicide

1. The funeral homes will finish draining your family and will have a grudge after death.

Dying is expensive. Depending on the urgency, family religious beliefs, and the funeral agency's connoisseur's skill, the cost of dying includes: Delight, funeral, funeral transport (at funeral and cemetery), disposition of the corpse (burial or cremation (Grave ), gravestones, lot in the cemetery, flower arrangements, food and drink. This without counting the travel costs of the mourners. You will leave more than one in your close family without vacations, car, home or education. You will be considered more despicable and selfish than you think you have been in life.

2. You can fail.

Remember that you are so clumsy that you can fail in your suicide attempt. If you commit suicide without full medical coverage, you run the risk of spending the rest of your life with the scars of a failed vein cut, a concussion and brain damage for throwing you from a non-lethal height, a hollow aesthetic for shooting you an inch Beyond the temple, two meters less of intestines for the poison that did not kill you and a fixation for erotic asphyxia.

3. Everyone will say that they already expected it.

Do not feel bad, your suffering, your depression, your bad luck are a source of artistic inspiration for others. It is very likely that your continued complaints have already prepared your friends and acquaintances for your death. Some will wonder if it would have been better to pay some attention to you or pretend to interest you in your life, but deep down they will feel better because they no longer have to deal with your depressions and your stories or your "bad vibe". Some will think that their lives are not as bad as yours and will endure their existence for a few more years until they are killed by heart attacks or cancer. Your departure will inspire them to continue to be better people than you.

4. They will forget everything as soon as the next pregnancy passes through your social circle.

Let's say, just by considering all the possibilities, that you have affection. That they all feel bad about your departure, that they feel a terrible void in their lives when you die and must do something to fill it. Maybe your memory serves to unite your friends with some of your friends in a sweet orgy of post-funeral reunions (especially people you would have wanted to go to the altar with suppose you are still single, but you left your other friends on a silver platter). All of them cry for a couple of months until marriages and pregnancies begin. Congratulations.

5. Perhaps you are so poor that it does not reach you even for a good suicide.

Think that if you do not have a tub you cannot cut your veins, without a car there is no monoxide, no good public transport there are no train tracks (throwing a car on an avenue is ineffective), without an apartment you cannot throw , No pool you cannot drown and getting a revolver is not always so easy. Maybe it's your turn to live just to earn the money you need to die.

I'm sorry; I did not mean to make you feel bad.  But I think it will be too good you reconsider your planned action against your life

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Saturday, 19 August 2017



Nothing endangered life and predispose to suicidal intents greater than to live in an isolated world void of love and affection. It even become worse when your very own family could not see anything good in you.

Now I could see the very reason behind your suicidal intents. Yes, naturally, you wouldn't have thought of committing suicide. Your life has been a bunch of frustration and loneliness, several abusive words has been hurled out on you that you can't even remember how many names are attached to only you.

The conditions you found yourself in has demoralized you, and all you could think of yourself is an accidental, good for nothing and most unfortunate being.

But can you do me a favor? Decide to prove people wrong about their assessments about you. Decide you will live and not kill yourself.

Do you know the reason why? Someone still loves you. Someone still appreciate you for whom you are. Someone still believes in the golden treasure buried inside you. Someone is still looking out there for you. Someone want to share your feelings and carry your burden. You're never alone in this journey of your life. Someone still admires you.

A young girl committed suicide and in her suicidal note, she bemoans her mum not wanting to listen to her, not cherishing her the same way she does to her junior ones, and so, she killed herself to free herself from the agony of not being loved.

Her judgment about life and people caused her her dare life. She could have assumed once she couldn't get love from her parents, she can't get it anywhere else. In her well penned suicidal note, you could clearly see that this 11years old girl never loved what she did. But what a different will it have made in her life to know that someone still loves her even with her bruise and scars?

What about those friends who can't just stop love being around you? What about that teacher that believes there is something in you that your world needs to gain from? What about that neighbour that couldn't just stop praying to have had you as a child?

You are thinking of killing yourself just because you neither know how much you carry nor how many fans you have all out there waiting to applause you at your arrival at the place of destiny. Someone still loves you.

And until you come to a point of mind re- engineering where you stop seeing yourself as a victim, unwanted and defeated personality, you may find it difficult to accept this truth that someone still loves you.

Maybe you're wondering how true this could  be. All you just need to do is to carefully and patiently look around you, and you will be amazed at how much you're loved.

I'm not trying to flatter you, but I'm simply here to open your eyes to reality. Your suicidal will sincerely disorganize and break so many people's heart so  much that they will begin to ask, why should it have been you?

Imagine what joy will fill your heart when those who couldn't love nor see anything good in you now begin to see you living happy without them?

Many were told yesterday by their parents that they are good for nothing, and that in fact, their death would  much more be better than their existence. But they choose not to listen, and eventually they succeeded proving people's judgements about them wrong and  thus became the choice of children not only to those families that once ridiculed them but to the world at large.

Don't give up my dear reader. Don't lose your anchor yet, someone still loves you.

And even at the point where no one seems to be showing you true love, never forget their is a man who cannot just stop loving and caring about you. His name is Jesus. You have not really known and can never know what true love is all about until you embrace His love for your life. He loves you beyond you can ever imagine.

Can you just surrender your life to Him today and come under His unfading and eternal love? All you just need to do is to confess your sins to Him and invite Him into your life.

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Thanks and God bless.
I love you

Friday, 18 August 2017



Kehinde Pius O
Missionary, blogger, life coach and anti- suicidal advocate

Deriving pleasure in one's life is the greatest secret to an enjoyable living. But the moment your life becomes a burden to you  on a continuous basis, you are already exposing its thought to negativity, which could eventually poison the entire life and become instrumental to suicidal intents, low self esteem, etc, and if not taken care of, graduates into suicidal.

I have carefully listened to many people says to me they are tired about this life, and nothing again seems to interest them. If you are also in that same shoe, I believe this article will be of great relief to you and will help you to begin to see yourself in a very different view.

I will be opening your understanding to some key understanding that will help you to appreciate and enjoy your life to the maximum.

Read my previous article on "Discovering the meaning of life"

How To Enjoy The Best Out Of Life

There are many things that if carefully and diligently followed will enhance one's quality of life. But this article will only address just few of them.

1. You have to understand yourself as well as you possibly can and know who you are. 

No two people are ever created the same way. And this implies that what bring satisfaction to brother A might not be the same with brother B. 

Self discovery leads to self understanding. And self understanding brings about self appreciation.

If you don't know who you really are, there is no way you can place a high value on your life. And a life you don't value, you can never enjoy.

A young lady once contacted me through my online mentoring platform, and she was seeking for means to harm herself. And when I enquired into her situation, it became known that she wanted to harm herself because a guy she loves dumped her and she concluded she can't see another person she can love like him. So she concluded, it's either I help her pray the guy back into her life or she commit suicide.

Many people have committed suicide because they were unable to understand who they really are. And due to that, they placed their satisfactions and happiness on others and when those ones fail them, everything about them turn upside down.

Everyone in life has one challenge or the other we all are passing through, but the reason why many are still able to enjoy the best of themselves, not minding the circumstances surrounding them is because they have come to derive pleasure being whom they are.

2. Face your fear

What will you do differently supposing you know that at the end of every tunnel there is light? You have to face your fear once and for all. Fear is one of the greatest enemies of enjoying the fullness of one's life. From my little research on suicidal, I can conclude that the reason why most people commit suicide is because of the fear of the unknown.

Something will always whisper to you that you will fail, or perhaps you have tried something and failed, something will always want you to consider yourself a failure, whose life can never amount to anything again. And the moment you give in to those fears, you are already defeated.

Someone said and I quote "I used to have a lot of fear until I learned what fear really is – False Evidence Appearing Real". And that is the reality about fear. What if after given in to it, or perhaps it has landed you into self harm, and you eventually discovered it was not real?

I'd say the most important thing I ever did was to decide not to be a victim. I participate in my own life, and I understand that only me can dictate what happens. I will constantly find my part in an equation. What is my role in this relationship? I always have a part in my relationships, whether it's a business relationship, a love relationship or whatever it is. If I can define my part in the relationship, then it makes the fear go away.  Now I'll find evidence that I've gathered that keeps me from going any further, because that's what fear does, and then I'll wipe that fear away and move forward.

3. Start going toward what you love to do, even if you feel like for some reason you're not able to do that right now."

If you don't know what you want to do or what the path is for you, do something. Do what's calling you now, because what's calling you now will lead you down the path to what the call is for you later.

When you do what you love, and love what you do, you'll have success, throughout your whole life. Idleness is the brooding room for suicidal or any other evil thoughts, and the most effective remedy to it is to give yourself to something you love doing.

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4. Keep your thoughts clean

This universe will shape itself around your thoughts; that's the truth. Keep your thoughts clean; keep the weeds out of your garden. Once your thought patterns become polluted, such life is in a total shamble. Because no positive result can ever proceed out of a polluted thought.

5. Network with others.

We grow as people through our relationships with others. Your happiness at times lies in you knowing that some people are also passing through similar or even greater challenges than yours and yet, they don't give up about life.

You're not in this alone. We're all connected

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Discovering the Meaning of Your Life


Discovering the Meaning of Your Life


 Kehinde Pius O

Missionary, blogger, life coach and anti-suicidal advocate

One of the great questions that humanity always poses is what the meaning of life is. Inability to find answer to this question is one of the major causes of suicidal globally.

I recently visited a website on how to commit suicide, and  I was shocked with the number comments of people seeking for the best way to commit suicide.  For the purpose of my advocacy work against suicide, I took time to read through most of those comments, and I discovered majority of these people seeking for ways to commit suicide is as a result of inability to find meaning to life.  There are also more skeptics who simply say that there is no meaning to life and that suicidal is better- all of these lies on failure to find meaning to life.

You may think that it is not necessary to know that sense of life that being happy or being good is enough. And it may be true. But an

What is the cause of most of our illnesses? What is the most common cause of stress in our life? What about heart attacks? What about many of our diseases? What about the cause of our suicidal intents/thoughts? Although we may be surprised at first instance, the most common cause of many of our diseases is the lack of finding meaning in our lives. In the new millennium many people are worried about the world and our place in it. We ask ourselves many questions about how to achieve happiness. So often in our day we have all kinds of things that are supposed to make us happier: Titles, good work, home, family ... but inside us there is a muted voice that continues to ask us: Is that all? That's all there is? …Cannot be! There must be something else! Something is missing ... but what is it? Clarity of Purpose The answer to what we lack is 'clarity of purpose'. Being able to answer the following questions: Does life make sense? Who am I? , What do I want ?, what ?, how I feel I meet ?, what did I come here ?, What happens after death? ... For most of us, what society has taught us to being able to answer these questions leads us to dead ends. He leaves all those questions unanswered. We can know how to find meaning in our short-term life with goals and achievements, but in the long run we continue to struggle with the same profound question: What is the meaning of my life? Isn't death better? The answer to these question is one of the most important in our life. Knowing the answer gives us the foundation for real and full satisfaction. It could be that you were one of those people who could easily fill a page talking about what makes sense to you in life. But if you compare it to the life you are really living, you see that there is more to it than a small difference. For although people can come to define what a meaningful life is, the life they lives has nothing to do with its ideal. This lack of purpose is manifested in us as a perpetual anguish. For even if we have a life with comforts, we can detect an inner sadness that has been there for some time, a pain that is not easy to identify, a vacuum deep in our being ... We continually think that if I only had something more, then yes I would be happy. We usually say when I finish my studies ... when I find a job ... when I have a higher salary ... when I have a partner ... when I have children ... when my children are older ... when I have a bigger house ... when I have one particular car ... when I have a better car ... when I have a better partner ... when I retire ... And without noticing we have escaped life. Although we are getting each of these things continues to persist the feeling that something we Lack, that we do not know exactly what it is that we want to do with our lives. We can wait patiently until we retire ... or until our death comes, if we have already settled for 'what we have to live.' But we can also choose to find the meaning of our life now, at this time in our lives. We can choose to leave behind our illnesses, challenges and limiting feelings and begin to enjoy life at its best. For this, we must leave behind years of conditioning, decades of falsehood, and face the truth. The truth that will allow us to live in complete freedom. The truth that will allow us to ' see life as it is' and not ' as we see it', the truth that will allow us to create a great difference in our lives and in the lives of others. 

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Kehinde Pius O
Missionary, life coach and blogger.

We all know that our thoughts shape our mood. Thinking negatively, can lead to negative thoughts, will influence your mood and low energy. Your thoughts and beliefs have an impact on your physical and mental health. Negative thoughts cause negative emotions and feelings, such as depression and anxiety.

Many people do not understand, or do not want to accept that negative thinking has a direct impact on how one feels and therefore on how one behaves, the attitudes and experiences that one experiences. Those who are in denial about the power of negative or positive thoughts will say things to themselves like, "Well, just because I sometimes had doubts about my ability or preparation, I have not failed in my career, So much success. "

We are not talking about having doubts, fears, or strong self-criticism from time to time. Being critical of oneself keeps one aware of a realistic perspective of things. And there are times when it is right to feel pain and sadness. We are talking about the habit of thinking negatively - of seeing things always getting worse if they are going to change; Always feeling the worst of yourself. Having negative thoughts consistently only produces negative results.

Constantly complain. Nothing is ever satisfying or good enough. Complaining all the time leaves you unsatisfied and irritable. It also leaves you alone, nobody wants to be around people who always complain.

A self-destructive attitude If you have a self-destructive attitude you lose the opportunity to take the actions that would lead you to succeed and joy. Thoughts like "I'm not attractive" leads to being introverted and reserved, which is not the way to get a place or even go dancing.

Negative internal dialogue. If you tell yourself that you are going to fail, no matter how talented you are at something, you will sabotage and fail. You will feel very bad about yourself.

The mentality of victim .. With this mentality there is nothing you can do to improve your situation, because for all its ills you can blame other people - who, for mysterious reasons, wish you evil.
Stress. Too much stress has all sorts of negative effects on physical as well as psychological health.

Each time you see yourself thinking a negative thought, say "thank you for sharing" and think something positive.

Be aware that you hurt yourself with negative thoughts.
Read positive phrases
If you think negatively about someone, try to look for positive things about the person. Just make a list of the good qualities of that person
Walk in nature. Breathe fresh air into your lungs. Look around you and feel all the scents and natural beauty of the world. Feel your muscles working.
Accept yourself as you are. Change things that you can change and always strive for self improvement, but do not believe that you need to be someone you are not.
Read Books to eliminate negative thoughts .

Remember, if you find yourself trapped in negative thoughts, you have to re-program your mind to have a positive flow of consciousness. You must be patient and give yourself time. Think positively about how to learn to think positively.