Tuesday, 3 October 2017



what  is child abuse? It simply is the misuse or perversion of children. It occurs when children are handed unjustly or corruptly by adults in society either verbally, physically or emotionally. Child abuse takes different forms, in different cultures under different situations due to a variety of beliefs and practices. Child abuse can happen  in homes, schools, playgrounds, working places and even in churches.

Child abuse in Home
The home  is the most common place of child abuse in most cases. Many parents have the attitude, "What does a child know? He or she I'd just a baby'.  In some homes, children are given the last consideration in almost everything. Adults often view children in an inferior way, thinking that with a small physical status they do not require the basic necessities of life. Often they are also considered economic liabilities.
Areas of child abuse in the home include the following:

1. Feeding: in some homes, children are hardly fed nourishing food. In some instances, it's the remains or crumbs that are pushed to the children to eat. Hardly would parents give the best piece of meat to their children. Some children are even left to search for food in order to feed themselves (e.g. Moslem children receiving training under a malam). Sometimes food that an adult wouldn't eat himself  is passed to children to consume because the adult does not like it or does not know what kind of food it is, thus turning children into a sort of an item for specimen.

2. Sleeping: in many homes, children rarely have separate rooms and beds. Sometimes this is due to poverty, but often it can be attributed to indifference on the part of the parents concerned.
Poor and inadequate bedding is common in many homes. To worsen the problem, children are often deprived their beds, if visitor comes to stay overnight.

3. Clothing: some children may go naked, even though their parents are well clothed. Again, such parents do not feel that their children need adequate clothing.

4. Extreme discipline. Children are cruelly treated as if they are not human beings. Parents, in some cases, deny their children food, clothing, and at times exile from their homes in the name of discipline.

5. Lack of discipline. Conversely, some parents leave their children completely undisciplined and thus lead them into a loose and immoral life. That is child abuse too.

Child Abuse  in Society
Society, as a whole, seems to view children as third class citizens and  not as human beings with equal rights with adult.

It is child abuse when parents pass on or abandon their responsibility to raise their own children, expecting caretakers to do so. If the mothers don't care enough to make sacrifices for their children, how can a complete stranger be counted to do so? The irresponsibility of  some families has led their children to the unhappiness and even untimely death.

Often, adults impose cultural standards on children unfairly and indiscriminately. Some teenagers are forced to marry prematurely which hinders their personal development. Some evil parents or wicked society people kidnap and sell children for ill- gotten wealth. That is very sad indeed!

Often, the society exposes the children to immoral and destructive influences on TV, radio and the like. Calling children with all kinds of nicknames brings low self-image, distress and unhappiness in the lives of children.

Sexual Abuse
Incest or rape is one of the worst forms of child abuse. Such a bitter experience in children has dreadful long-term effects. Hence, Church and state should enacts laws to protect children from sexual abuse.

Effects of child abuse
Child abuse can have a devastating effect on children. Children can become retarded socially, intellectually, emotionally, and even physically due to parental irresponsibility.

Lack of parental love can result in low self esteem and personality disorders. Children become passive and indifferent in life, filled with fear, hatred, insecurity, tension, guilt, depression, anxiety, an excessive need for love, powerful feeling of revenge, and so on.
Thus, such children grow up to become unwanted elements of society. The selfishness of parents can finally lead to death of many children. This can happen through abortion, physical torture and starvation.

Together we can say no to child abuse in our society, and give the children every right to live and enjoy life.

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Kehinde Pius O
Gospel minister, Life coach, blogger and anti suicidal advocate