Sunday, 1 October 2017



What is happening to me?
How am I feeling?
I don't even know what is wrong with me!
I am just angry at myself!
I feel like just being alone!
I feel like just ending it!

Have u ever felt this way or are u feeling this right now? It may be a sign of DEPRESSION!

Depression is a disorder that is evidenced by loss of interest in things of passion, low self esteem and excessive sadness.

As common as depression is, it occurs in different levels and categories. Life is full of different adverse events which may lead to depression, such occurrence could be disappointment, stress, loss, etc. The feeling of depression may persists for months and return at significant times when the occurrence comes to remembrance.


The following are the signs of knowing when one is depressed:

1. Loss of pleasure in things of passion: When things you love doing most suddenly becomes irritating and boring to you so much that you can't really fix it, it may be a symptom of depression.

2. RESTLESSNESS: This occur when you feel weak and cannot rest, when you feel exhausted and cannot sleep or waking up in-between sleep.

3. REDUNDANCY: When a lot of work is lying undone and you feel no enthusiasm to get them done, when you are slow in activities and you sit to watch time fly away without achieving something in particular.

4. EXTREME SADNESS: Though sadness is one of the common human natural emotional downness but when it becomes extreme, often and most time, feels difficult to explain, it may be a sign of suffering from depression.

5. LACK OF CONCENTRATION: This is when you get easily distracted and unconsciously remembering a past occurrence and recurring unpleasant thoughts, which often lead to improper thinking.


Depression are mostly caused by the following :
* Bereavement
* Financial difficulties
* Loneliness
* Hereditary
* Stress
* Conflicts
* Lack of success
* Disability, etc


1. Focus more on your success than your failures

2. When negative thinking start seeking a place to sit in your heart, reject it and invite positive thinking or involve yourself in what you love doing most.

3. Avoid being alone, sit  among families and loved ones who make you forget your pains.

4. See yourself as being worthy and hopeful, having a great future.

5. If a task seems too difficult, do not panic or put yourself under pressure. Break it down into simpler task and start again, more slowly.

6. Rather than dwelling on problems, seek solution, list some possible solutions to the problem and choose the solution that best solves the problem.

7. See every challenge as opportunities that will make you more stronger. You need to look critically into every challenge and see how you can turn it to opportunity.

8. Keep yourself busy doing what you love to do most and invite high self esteem. Idle hand they said is the devils workshop. So stay away from idleness.

9. Set goals for daily useful activities and ensure you stick to achieving them as much as possible. Your daily goals will keep you busy and save you of space for depression in your heart.

By Oladejo Rebecca

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