Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The best 20 tips to lose weight during the holiday

During vacations we usually forget our daily obligations. That often means relaxing with the subject of nutrition and exercise. Then we regret the extra kilos to return to our daily lives.

So to avoid post-holiday regret, follow these tips to lose weight.

The best 20 tips to lose weight during the holiday

  1. Take a backpacking trip
We could not start this list of tips to lose weight on vacation without mentioning the option of backpacking.

Carrying a bag with 20% of your weight will help you burn 30% more fat, according to a report from the American College of Sports Medicine.
In addition you will walk a lot, every day. If not, then take advantage if you go to the beach to take a half hour of walking in the sand or jog according to your abilities.

Also if you go to a big city, there will surely be beautiful parks where you can spend some time doing outdoor exercises.

Although it is worth noting that jogging or running are not the most effective ways to lose weight.

However, it is the physical activity that will be easier and more comfortable for you to do when you are away from home.

2.   Say no to alcohol
One of the biggest problems when we're on vacation is that we drink a lot more alcohol than usual. More if you are in summer.

Beer refreshes, sangria too. But with it come the extra kilos since they are very caloric drinks. So be careful.

I think it is not necessary to touch the subject of the harmful effects of alcohol on your body. They are already well-known to everyone.

Ideally, you should reduce the alcohol to a minimum so that later you will not regret when you see yourself a few weeks later.

And if you usually accompany it with fast food or junk, worse.

 3.   Respect the hours of sleep
Researchers at the University of Wake Forest in the United States determined that, to minimize the increase in abdominal fat during those days off, you should sleep a minimum of six and a half hours.

By not respecting that, you decrease the ability to burn carbohydrates when you exercise.

Remember that if you train at night you must finish your routine three hours before going to bed. For exercise stimulates the production of adrenaline and makes it difficult to sleep.

That is, do not forget to rest even though you are on vacation, do not exceed your time sleeping. Because sedentary lifestyle, apart from being mortal, what it does is put on weight and it will cost much more to return to your routine.

4.  Take a lot of water
The water does not make you fat.
It also helps you eliminate toxins and fat through the urine. That's why in this vacation you must drink a lot of water.
This way you will avoid drinking alcohol. So you will be well hydrated ,avoid eating every hour. Since it helps kill anxiety a little.

  5.  Slow down and accelerate the pace of your training
A study from the University of New South Wales in Australia found that eight seconds of high intensity training followed by 12 seconds of low intensity were the perfect proportion to lose weight.

Military style training programs (such as the famous Insanity) are perfect to achieve that.

If you do not exactly meet these standards of seconds, you can simply search and do traditional HIIT exercises. Also known as high intensity interval exercises.

They consist of routines that combine fast and slow times so that your body does not get used to or pond.

   6. Water ice cream
If there is something that we like to eat on holidays, its ice cream. In summer even more. But the problem with it is that it fattens, especially the industrial and creamy ones.

But we have a solution for you.
Instead of eating the cream or the store, prepare your own water ice cream, homemade with fresh fruits.

They will be just as sweet and you can refresh yourself which is what we always want.

  7. Beware of fruits
Yes, as you are reading it.
The fruit becomes fat when eaten in the late afternoon or evening. This is because you can not burn your fructose efficiently.

Because your body no longer burns the same amount of calories when you have finished the day.

So the ideal is to eat them at breakfast or mid morning snack.
There are many other healthy snacks that you can choose for the afternoon snack.

8.  Make 5 meals a day
Eating every three hours during the day will speed up your metabolism.

That's why a study from the University of Toronto in Canada recommends eating five meals a day. Of which only three must combine proteins and carbohydrates.

But eating 5 times a day does not mean what you want, or at the time you prefer.

To comply with this advice you must start eating breakfast very early.
Taking a snack around 9:00 a.m.
Having lunch just at noon, taking another snack between 3 and 3:30 p.m. And finally, having dinner before 9 o'clock at night.

  9.  Take care of eating habits
The holidays are the ideal time to eat out of hours.
We tend not to take care of schedules, late breakfasts, the same lunch and not to mention dinner.

It is also an opportunity for you to skip a meal and we already know that this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You must maintain your eating habits.

And if you do not have them, then do not think that being on vacation could be a bad time to change them.
By being free of stress and work you can dedicate yourself to improving your habits.

You only need 66 days, according to science, to replace a bad habit with a healthy one.

10.  Have a good breakfast
Here is the key to everything. Make sure you have breakfast very early and fairly well. The body comes from a break and needs to recover all its nutrients.

They are calories that you are going to burn throughout the day, so you do not have to worry (so much).
Eat balanced and well. You will see how your body will thank you.

    11. Beware of fried foods
Yes, we are on vacation and we want to eat everything we like. Fried seafood, breaded shrimp. The hamburgers. But we have to put a limit.

It's very easy just do it twice a week. Give your taste, but in moderation.
On the rest of the days he eats steamed or grilled. There are delicious meals that are prepared like that.

If you are looking for a good snack or for dinner, the gazpacho is ideal.
A delicious and nutritious meal that will make you very well.
The best part is that you will not get fat and that's good news.

  12.  Protein shakes help
Proteins are very important for each person and protein shakes are a great way to consume it.
The best of all is that they are already very popular and you can get them at any store. This way you make sure you take quality food to your bod
  13.  Consume vitamins
You can fight against belly fat by taking the right vitamins.

A study from the University of Minnesota in the United States concluded that increasing vitamin D levels helps you lose weight.

There are many foods rich in vitamin D, but one in particular is salmon.
Similarly, it is necessary to clarify that all vitamins are necessary for the proper functioning of our body.
A multivitamin is always a good option.

14. Dance a lot
If you do not like to exercise a lot and taking care of what you eat is not your thing, we are going to give you a solution so that you do not gain weight and you can even lose it- dance.

Yes, dance until you can not move anymore. It will help you lose weight.

You will be able to burn between 600 and 800 calories per hour and that is great news. It is also a cardiovascular exercise and very fun.

Being cardiovascular you can burn fat and there is nothing better to lose weight than get rid of it.

  15.  Prepare healthy snacks
When you're on vacation, the least you want is to cook.
However, you should not forget to eat well.

Buy whole wheat bread and take a sandwich to eat when you want.
That way you will not have to spend money buying food on the street. Light yogurt are also a perfect and low-calorie snack.

 16.  Say yes to watermelon and melon
We already know that we told you to be attentive with the fruits, but during the day you take advantage of and eat a lot of melon and watermelon

They are fruits that are composed in more than 90% of water.
It will keep you hydrated and you will take many vitamins and minerals to your body.

As an additional it will help you get rid of fluid retention and that is great news.

17.    No sedentarism
Sure you are already thinking of spending the day in bed watching movies or series on Netflix. Yes you can do it but not all day or every day.
If you do not do any activity and eat all day you will gain weight and that is not what you want.

You can not be sedentary in your vacations. You must go out with your friends and have fun.

 18.   Eat at home
There is no healthier food than what you can eat at home.
With less chips, dressings and so you can take better care of the portions.

Even if you have gone on vacation to the beach, prepare at home what you will take to eat in the day.
So you avoid falling into the temptation to go for some shrimp or some frying.

19. Try out yoga.
Yoga is one of the exercise gaining popularity around the world now due to its result in helping people to burn fats and remain fit.

 20. Holidays on foot
The last advice you should take into account is to take a vacation on foot.
If you are going to know a new city, forget about paying those expensive tours, take the opportunity to go to each place walking.

Make a daily visit plan and with any mobile application you can check how much you have walked daily.

Remember that walking is the best aerobic exercise. Both to lose weight and for your cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Vacations do not have to end up being a headache.

Do not come home with regrets and some other kilos

Follow our tips to lose weight, which as you have read, have nothing complicated.

This way you go back to the routine without having to think about how to do it to get used to it again because you have not stopped exercising or eating well.