Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Treatment of terminal ailment

People wish to remain healthy and active every day but falling slick due to any illness or injury is part of life too.

There are few illness which are temporary such as cold, fever, headaches and cough in which only taking proper medications will cure the disease, and a person will feel better.

But along with normally occurring ailments, there are also chronic illness which develops inside a person which are not cured by any medication, treatment. A person whose body is not responding to the medicines or treatment is called terminally ill-meaning the person has few months left to live.

Hospice is a new name for Hospice Care in Houston Texas and is the kind of place that offers care to patients suffering from terminal or chronic ailment and have six months of life expectancy. Hospice care is a last resort for patients who have exhausted every medical option which could have cured their illness. A patient becomes terminally ill when the treatment and medicines have failed to provide health. Hospice care emphases on providing contented care to the patients easing their pain rather than curing it.

The hospice care are set of services provided by qualified doctors, physicians, therapists, nursing staff and social workers who ensure proper care and treatment to the patients suffering from a terminal illness. The services are given not to cure the illness but to provide adequate look after to the patients who are nearing the end of their life. The hospice care is given to patients suffering from terminal illness such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease or dementia, kidney failure, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

The main purpose of hospice care is to reduce the pain and stress of the patients who not only have to deal with constant pain but have gone through various medical treatments and taken several medicines but still not being able to regain health. The various health professionals are present to tend the physical, medical, social needs of the patients. One of the significant duty of hospice care is to provide counseling and moral support not only to the terminal ill patient but his family and friends too. The hospice care also lowers the financial burden for the family who have used up considerable amount of money in trying to provide the best available care to their loved ones. The hospice care is mostly provided to terminally patients in specially built care homes, but the services can also be given to homebound patients too.

Hospice care provides best facilities and care to patients suffering from terminal illness. The focus is to relieve the pain and provide maximum care to the patients. The nursing staff is responsible to make the patients feel happy and keep them busy in interesting conversations. The hospice care provides a loving and caring environment to the patients. Some of the key services given by hospice care includes:
  • Constant care provided by the nurses who administer medicines and monitor the conditions of the patients
  • Offering counseling and emotional support to the patient and his/her family
  • Providing physical and occupational therapy sessions
  • Updating the condition of the patients with the consulting doctors and physicians