Saturday, 6 April 2019

Photo masking

Photo masking?


How do I remove or change the background of a photo? How can I change or control the transparency of a portion of a photo? Why is masking so important in editing? These are some of the questions that bore the minds of many photographers. But the simple answer to these questions, and many more, is PHOTO MASKING. A big Photoshop user said, ‘if you must compete with your fellow photographers, then this is a skill you need to learn’. As a matter of fact, 99% of the best photographs in the display, today, were edited using masks.

Arguably, this is one of the very many essential techniques of photography and photo editing. Excellent skills with the camera are not what defines a photographer in the world of today. The post-production process tells a client the level of professionalism a photographer has. And sadly, so many photos, today, get rejected by clients due to either bad capturing or editing process. Photo masking is considered as one editing technique common to professionals, so we can say that it distinguishes a professional from a beginner. It has the ability to add ‘sauce’ to a photo. Some call it photo masking, others call it image masking.
But whichever you choose to call it, bear in mind that this is one feature every client looks out for in the works of a photographer or editor.

What is Photo masking?

Photo masking? Or image masking? When you hear this term, what comes to mind? In a layman’s language, one could describe photo masking as changing parts, or all, of the layer of a photo. Or better still, you could say that it is an editing process in photography where a portion of a photo is made different from the other part of the photo.

However, the application of photomasking to the editing process requires a considerable amount of knowledge on the basic skills of editing. ‘Dexterous’ application of the brush tool, understanding the two-colour concept (black and white) and knowledge of the functions of layers would help in adopting the process of photo masking.

Why is photo masking essential?

There’s hardly any feature without one benefit, or more. Like I stated earlier, understanding this technique could help you jump from a beginner level to a more advanced level of photo editing.

Photo masking helps editors to tweak the background of an image. They can either preserved a portion or alter a part that does not look presentable, as the background. It could give new looks to old images and create stunning photos.

With it, the transparency of a portion of an image can be changed or controlled. You might go on to say that the opacity and fill features also does this- in the real sense, they work on the whole layer, not a part of it.

And yes, it generates income. Because of the level of professionalism attached to it, photo masking spawns in more income. Trust me; you wouldn’t want offers worth money to slip away because you have no idea of what photo masking is.

How do I photo mask?

There are two known types of photomasking- Layer masking and Clip masking.

Layer Masking: considered to be more popular among photographers. In this type of photo masking, a mask is used to conceal a portion of a photo, revealing the other layers underneath.

The level of transparency of either portion remains independent of the other. It deals less with transparency and uses more of the two-colour concept, black and white. And this is one major difference between layer masking and clip masking.

The process of layer masking is not as hard as you are already thinking it is. It is quite easy and could be carried out independently. With the help of the magic wand feature in Photoshop, and either the marquee tool or shape/quick selection tool, you could select the image you wish to mask. And with a few clicks, selections and adjustments, you could create an appealing layer masked photo.

Clipping Masking: as the name implies, it involves applying a mask to a group of layers. In this type of masking, the level of transparency of a portion is dependent on the other. Usually, the lower layer determines what level of transparency the upper layer carries.

Unlike layer masking, the clip masking process deals with more content and transparency

Photo masking has become one of the biggest photo editing tasks in the world. Many businesses have hired experts to help in making some of their images. Photo masking is a high-quality image editing process that provides the best for any business.

When you remember the normal mask you use on the face, the main purpose is to hide the face, right? Masking a layer too isn't any different. Experts combine photo masking with the clipping path technique in order to get the right way to remove the background of an image.

Photo masking has a lot of uses. Many use it for background removal, some use it for image enhancement. The application if photo masking depends solely on what the client wants.

We produce some of the best photo maskings you can find. Our specialists are highly trained to use photoshop tools to edit images of any form. The image may be complex, simple or basic.

Photo masking is a service we offer to our clients at the cheapest price you can find but with very high quality. We have worked with many businesses and individuals and have enough experience to provide you with some of the best results.

Magazine publishers make use of photomasking in order to make the magazine's front page more attractive.

Unwanted backgrounds can be removed using photo clipping services and can also lead to image enhancement.

Our specialists put in their creativity and experience in order to bring your vision to life at a relatively cheap rate.

Products are also separated from the background using photo masking. We work with focused specialists and experts only.

We use photo masking to separate objects from the background, enhance specific portions of an image, create a transparent background, create a translucent background, perform colour masking and many others.

We take our activities very serious with our clients in order to remain as the number one recommended specialist for photo editing. At imageditexperts, we strive for perfection and nothing less than that.

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The best fashion designers, magazine publishers, graphic designers, online stores, companies, car makers, political campaigns and others use photo masking to bring out the beauty of their products to their customers.

We know how well cars look in adverts than in real life. Not only cars, clothes, shoes, ladies on magazine covers and other. They are attractive on paper, Billboard and any form of a very campaign than in real life.

This is a business strategy to attract as many customers as possible. It doesn't mislead you but makes you more interested in it. Only this can sky-rocket your business by 70%. The main aim of every business is to attract as many people as possible and drive sales to their business.

This is possible with photo masking. When you enhance an image and remove the background, you can also add a different background.

Photo masking also a good way to make an image reusable. If an image is reusable, it means it is a good asset.

This image can be used in different campaigns and with a different background. It helps to reduce the cost of getting a photographer and performing photo masking for different images.
One image can be changed into 7 images with simple photomasking and colour correction. It doesn't take time and may need less budgeting than you can imagine.

The best option you can take before putting a product on display in an advert campaign is to perform a bit of image editing. Your editing might not need a lot of extravagant work, but you n get your desired reach through photo masking.

In conclusion, we are available for any photo masking job you may have in mind. We take bulk orders and work on basic shapes, simple shapes, complex shapes and all kinds of shapes. Bring that photo to us and let us do justice to it. You could also get discounts on bulk orders. We ate the best in the business with a lot of experienced professionals.

Only a few people take the right decisions at the right times, that is why some businesses fail. The simplest actions might sometimes be the best for you. As an artist, you need to produce the best quality for your fans. As a magazine publisher, entice your readers as much as possible.